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We all talk about it, some do it, some say they don't when they do. I'm curious as to what you all actually do. It's a poll, you don't have to comment so, just vote honestly and, comment if you want.

yes, i trust my partner with my life.

pellaz Wrote:yes, i trust my partner with my life.

I love this comment! Xyxthumbs I just hope people take it seriously in their own lives! Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

I know i'm "clean" and I've never been with another guy, and I'm 99.999999999% sure my BF has never been with anyone else and is clean too, so of that's what he wanted I'd give it to him.

Yep, always.

However, it has been with the same lovely man for 24+ years! :biggrin:

I envy the people with permanent partners who can do it bareback.

While the question is important and timely, i'm disappointed with the use of the word "clean" to describe a person's STD status.

I know it's used alot, but given the fact that there are MILLIONS of people living with HIV and/or other STDs, describing them as "unclean" or "dirty" does NOTHING to underscore the importance of practicing safer sex and getting tested regularly.

In fact, in a recent CDC survey, respondants were asked why they didn't get tested more often, and they listed "fear of being treated like a social outcast if they tested positive for an STD like HIV, HEP C, or Herpes.

So, please be mindful of the words you use when talking about STDs and barebacking, etc.


To me it's just the term commonly used, clean bill of health and I don't equate testing positive with dirty or unclean. STD/HIV status has nothing to do with personal hygiene, it's just how convention dictates it's phrased.

In fact I have NEVER heard anyone call someone who was positive for anything "dirty" In this context, the opposite of "clean" is "positive."

Sure that's the reason more are not getting tested, but, I don't think using the word "clean" is the reason they think they might be treated like outcasts. The reason for that is because it's happened to people they know or have heard personal stories from.

I used to fall under the 'If I know my partner is clean' category.

My current partner used to (past tense) go with out latex. Until that is two years into our relationship when he started passing the tests (The only test you want to fail - HIV testing).

My sex experiences are pretty limited. I have only been with 8 men in all of my life (46 years).

In the relationships (6 out of 8) initially we went with latex, once we were more certain about the health of our partner we dropped the pretense :tongue:. My slut phase (the two men I had casual one night stands with) I insisted on condomizing before sodomizing.

If I ever date again, I will insist on a condom from start to finish. Only because my experience has taught that you can't really trust a person - they can lie and say they are monogamous, you can buy it, but you can't actually track their every move 24/7. Well now with technology its rather easy, but seriously who wants to tag their partner and monitor there every move?

I'm the KNOW it group, but, that's based on having been a long haul truck driver and, having a partner meaning we drove as a team and were literally together 24/7/365. As close to apart as we ever got was different stalls in the same public bathroom. Okay not quite but we were never apart more than a few minutes when one or the other would go into a building, either to check in with a customer or, to get something, or use the restroom in a truck stop or rest area.

Yeah if I were to date again, it's either be latex or he'd have to be a 100% homebody that only wanted to leave the house if I went with him. Of course I guess that would all change if I had a terminal disease like cancer, or when I get too old and decrepit to care if I live or die. *shrug* just me.

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