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Advice about a 10-year-old boy
Like I said... LUCKY DUCKY!
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

Pix, maybe look into Big Brothers and Sisters, find a Big Brother for him. The organization screens participants, so, that saves you the hassle. It could be a safer way to find an older male friend for him.

That said, I do think children of either same sex couples or single LGBT parents can grow up just fine without close at hand role models for the opposite gender of the parent(s) and if the relationship is good, the child won't be afraid to come to their parent(s) with even gender specific issues.

Gender doesn't make you who you are, a woman can be into contact sports hunting, fishing, etc... as much as a man can be into cooking, needlework, sewing, etc... It's okay for girls to like black and guys to like pink. And none of that would be any indication of whether they were LGBT or not.

I know our society wants to pour us all into gender specific likes, dislikes, ways of behaving, etc... but, we really need to throw that out the window and just let people be people.

Would I want to be ten again? Not on your life, more questions than answers. Memories, when we are young we only remember the good, which is not to say some bad will be remembered but put aside as we chose what to remember. It's a tough road, but not insurmountable. Be careful what you say around him, show him that he is important, and when the answer is not there, find it together which shows him more support, James
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Gee, I wish my own father had been like you, care to adopt me? :biggrin:

Well it sounds like he is getting the stuff he needs, support, love, etc.

this is something for u both to decide but he does have blood relatives and he is related to them which is awkward for both of u but maybe rewarding for him, at 10 he doesant need to know his fathers faults so id let him be with that, i know not havin a father myself can cause problems without your boy realising it so just give himthe love you obviously do and speak to your partner about him meeting his extended family - lots of love though Smile

Pix, dear, I think you might show your partner this thread and all the concerns it has brought up. Then maybe you've got a canvass of ideas to spring on.... If not, just print the posts, questions, opinions and see where the two of you lie in respect of the dead dad / son / dad's family situation...

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