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I'm not sure about posting but..
I don't know if its too much to talk about. And if it is tell me and i will never post something like this ever again. But im curious. So here's the thing. Before you do.. um.. from back.. like you know.. do it from back? before you do it from back do you clean that place?

It's fine to post that Rumble, I'd bet a lot of young men have the same question - What is proper anal cleaning prior to intercourse? Right?

Well, there are several ways to clean yourself in this situation.

1. go buy a disposable enema, Fleet being the most common brand, empty the contents out of it because it's a laxative and you don't want that. Fill it with warm water and use it. repeat 2-3 times.

2. but a non disposable enema bottle and use that, flush yourself out 2-3 times.

3. Buy a disposable douche, the kind women use, vinegar and water is fine, or one of the floral fragrances if you like it, use two of those.

4. This is probably the least used and most unpleasant way. Get a pair of surgical gloves, a little lube and manually clean it all out of there with two or three fingers. It won't do as well as the other 3 methods, but it does work if that's all you have.

5. Use a condom and don't worry about it beyond having a good bowel moment 30 minutes to an hour before.

Whatever you decide to do, it should be something your partner is okay with. Personally I have an enema bag at home and, on the go I buy douche because it works and I don't have to dump out the laxative from the disposable enema.

it's a common question so don't feel embarrassed Smile yes it is a good idea to clean up back there, some use fleet enemas and others use douche.

We use a douche/enema bag in the shower and a handheld shower massager with the single stream spray. I am a top but I still like using that handheld shower! It fills you up "so good" and then you just let it wash you out. Step out to the toilet for the most waste and hop right back in to wash! Xyxthumbs
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Okay thank you so much for answering. I hope the question isn't offensive.

And by enema, do you mean uum.. wash your self? With water?

Yes, an enema bag, or the bottle the disposable enema, or a douche comes in has a special tip that lets you do that.

Rumble88 Wrote:And by enema, do you mean uum.. wash your self? With water?

The enema bag comes with two tools. One for vaginal and one for anal. They work great and all you need is plain warm water...or coffee Sagrin
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

Thank you all. ahahahah coffeeBig Grin

-if the enema gives you confidence; this in it self is a good thing
-try to keep your body cleaner in that area as an every day thing
-anal sex is an age old thing, just how we are made, no reason not to be enjoyed as anything else
-always use a condom and lots of lube (more than you think you need)
-put a towel out before

an enema is not necessary if your lower digestive system is regular and known agreeable to anal sex. The two of you take a showers before and your ready to go and explore something you have never done before.

The timing for an enema is not critical, a few hours before is good enough. Keep in mind this is sex not a medical procedure so you dont need to void your self completely. Afterwards you need to feel in control to prevent an accident. If you do it enough times (with or with out an enema) an accident will happen so adjust the attitude to an accident is no big thing.

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