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How do you get men attracted to you?
Ok guys, I'm a total car wreck when it comes to making an impression on someone I think is cute. What are your tricks to flirtation? How do you let someone know you're into them. How do you make yourself look the most fucking sexy you can look? I want to make it happen! :B

Bar none, number one top thing you can do to make yourself drop dead, knock out hot is be self confident.

Think about it, even though you don't even know what I look like, if you saw me slumped over, looking unsure and half afraid, you wouldn't pay me much attention beyond thinking "Poor guy, wonder what's wrong with him."

Now if you saw me with a soft smile, head held level, walking assuredly or confidently leaning on a wall, checking you out as you walked by, you'd notice me and, in a few seconds, you'd have found some feature of mine attractive or, be attracted to my casual confidence.

Now, you look away, unsure and I'll let you go on your way, but you pause and give a confident nod that says "Yeah, you look good but, I'm shy or being discrete." I will come back with "Hi, mind if I walk with you?" And there you go, a chance to get to know me a bit, and I you.

See it really doesn't matter what you look like, what you like to wear, what kind of music you like or anything because somebody out there likes exactly what you are and what you have. If you aren't confident you have something about you every one of the gay men you meet will like, it will show and, everyone likes some one that comes across as confident and having it together, happy just being themselves. So get happy with you and watch what happens, you'll get the looks, the winks, the coy smiles and, the hook ups.

Yep I agree , confidence is what attracted me to Terry.

It would help if you lived up the road from me to start with Wink

But yeah, confidence, a nice smile never goes astray and the ability to hold a decent conversation without sexual implications and touchy touchy stuff...A good sense of humour also goes a long way with me.

But confidence and a nice smile...and eye contact Smile

I don't know I just can't help it ;-)

Having a great personalty. I don't like to give others the wrong impersonation by flirting. Smile

Thanks bunches. That eye contact things is pretty hard as I'm pretty sure I usually look like a total nutcase that's about to fall apart.

Well if your Avatar is you, then no. You look like you have a quirky, maybe sarcastic sense of humor, you're curious and observant but not a nut case about to loose it Smile

Smiling in body language indicates openess and think that a smile is the greatest gift you can give to somebody

since i dont know u personally i cant judge but wat got my bfs attention was my shyness he came up to me and told me i was very cute and i kinda turned redder than a ginger (if there are any redheads out there im srry but it was the only analogy i could think of) and weve been dating for a few weeks now

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