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Gays caused the tropical storm nearing New Orleans
Oops. Sorry. My bad.

"the storm must be God’s judgment on gays because the hurricane may hit the New Orleans area where gay event Southern Decadence is planning to take place on Wednesday (29 August)".

Nah, it was the republicans that He was aiming at! Rolleyes

The darned thing is being an annoying pain is what it's doing. It wobbled west, then edges over land, then back to the gulf, all the while pounding the Gulf Coast to no end. What I find really odd is that even when it does manage to make landfall, the pressure don't change, as if it isn't affected by being over land, which it should be.

Had one behave very similar to that in North Queensland not so long ago Blue. Danced off the coast in the Pacific a couple of days moving slowly, then made landfall, intensified, zipped across 800km of land and reformed in the Gulf Of Carpentaria then did a u turn and did it all over again.

Fascinating creatures these cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons.

If all this was true, why shouldn't California be targeted?

Reading the article which serves as a basis for this thread, I'm wondering what the poor Haitians did wrong then? So many inconsistencies.... Not one thought that maybe ruining the ozone layer with car pollution, and increasing global warming are some of the causes of these hurricanes? Just another preacher (ab)using the gullibility and ignorance of his followers. How sad!

Oh no, don't you know they practice Voodoo in Haiti? Well, that would be the preacher's explanation anyway. Oh and since that preacher has a car, and the plant that provides his electricity probably burns coal, that can't possibly have any impact on the environment. - Yeah right, he's an idiot if he believes that.

No different than my ex-mother actually believing that she could never loose weight after I was born because God was punishing her for giving birth to an abomination (because I'm gay).

Hmmmm, Blue.... so much that could be solved with better education (and maybe a little more curiosity about how things work)... Rolleyes

Never happen, when religion and faith get in the way, common sense and scientific facts go out the window. I understand, I mean why should the rules apply if you believe your god can do anything and, has done a ton of things that break every fact of science and every law of nature? But that's another discussion.

Blame us for Isaac all you want, personally I blame the prayer vigil at a Baptist church close to my house last week that was held to pray for rain. Well we are going to get it, a lot of it and it's jsut a side effect that the storm had to come out of the Gulf to give us enough rain to answer all those conservative, Republican, fundamentalist prayers. Rolleyes

As good an excuse to blame a group for it as theirs.

Note:Yes I'm being sarcastic here.

princealbertofb Wrote:If all this was true, why shouldn't California be targeted?

Whenever we have an earthquake every conservative preacher in the South claims we are being punished.....

Back in the late 60s when that b*tch Jeannie Dixon claimed we were going to fall in the ocean and the preachers claimed we were being punished for the hippies and the woman's movement...I was 11-12 years old and I had a suitcase packed and I would sleep under my bed half of the time with my suitcase because they scared the crap out of me. I didn't know exactly where I would go with my suitcase but in my 11 year old mind it seemed like a good idea.

I have a hard time joking about this because I know the effect those evil f*ckers have on some kids with the crap what spew...and how it teaches vulnerable kids not only to live in fear but also to hate gays because...after all...it is our fault there are natural disasters.

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