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Gays caused the tropical storm nearing New Orleans
Quote:As the United States prepares for the storm, arriving nearly seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans which left 1,800 dead, author and chaplain John McTernan has decided who is at fault.

Quote:the storm must be God’s judgment on gays because the hurricane may hit the New Orleans area where gay event Southern Decadence is planning to take place on Wednesday (29 August).


So we can expect more of the same all over Europe and every where else there are gay parades and even gay marriage or is this just in the areas gays congregate in which just happen to be in areas of severe weather?

Awe the poor homphobes don't like "Gay Mardi Gras" now that's not fair. And the event is going on as planned storm or not. A little rain and wind never scared us down here Smile

I'm so fed up with bullshit like this. First, as a Christian, I have never thought of God as a "vindictive" being. In the Old Testament he did strike down entire nations, but it was because they were persecuting the Israelites. Secondly, as a homosexual Christian I believe God loves EVERYONE!!! These hypocrites need to read their Bible and truly study it before they start picking and choosing what fits into their narrow minded little world.

One could just as easily come to the conclusion that god would want to smite New Orleans for its corrupt police department. Don't really believe it, jus sayin

A few years ago (maybe sooner, time is a slippery thing in my mind) New York was busy passing the Gay Marriage act and no one complained that the Midwest States, those who refused to accept Gay marriage were being washed out while New York was enjoying very nice weather.

No one cares to talk about Canada. Yes, tragic the events that followed the passing of national Gay Marriage in 2005. Canada was swiftly reduced to radioactive ash as brimstone and fire fell from the sky.

No, wait. Canada didn't get destroyed, and during this terrible economic 'disaster' Canada has fared very well if not thrived.

Is God sending a message? I suspect so, but its not the message that those who are 'anti-____________ (fill in the blank) want to hear.

I suspect we can can dig up a lot of evidence that supports the idea that God loves Gays and that God blessed those communities, churches and the like who support and tolerate the Gays.

The Republicans are having some sort of convention down south, and they are still being targeted by the storm. Oh sure, no one really wants to talk about that, and yeah New Orleans may be in the path. But is New Orleans really the target????

I think if God really had a problem with homosexuality, God would just vanish the gay away, no more gay people being born - end of story.

You know that since straights, and conservative are the majority down here, more of them than us are going to be really affected by Isaac. Most of the gays going to Southern Decadence are tourists - that's right, not our homes, not our favorite shops, and not our loved ones that are going to be affected the most - it's all the homophobes that don't want us there that get the worst of it.

Remember God did send a RAINBOW to end the great flood, maybe He likes rainbows and rainbow people too Smile

homophobes are always good for a laugh, I bet grinder had a ton of traffic from Florida over the past couple days.

I think it is the Southern Baptist Church's fault, got to wipe out those bigot's one way or another Wink

They also caused the earthquake/Tsunamis in Japan 2011, Indonesia Tsunumi in 2003 and of course the Phelps clan are soley responsible for 9/11.

I liked the God Hates Shrimp site responding by showing that Katrina looked like a giant shrimp coming into New Orleans showing what God was REALLY mad about. Roflmao

I suppose it might be worth saying how often the deeply conservative Christian states (Florida is especially scary, IMO, people get struck by lightning there under clear skies!) and islands (some openly antigay) get hit with hurricanes on a regular basis but it's really not given that these people don't think with the part of the brain that deals with reason and can easily switch tracks (from "God is punishing you" to "Satan is attacking us for our godliness and/or God is testing our faith").

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