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The Perfect guy
I will most likely end up alone forever. I find a guy that has everything that I look for, but yet I feel nothing. What is wrong with me? Am I heartless? or do I just do not like him? which I don't understand why because he has everything I look for? Why am I not happy? could it be that I'm not 100% attracted to him? or I think he's a bit immature? I don't know why I don't feel happy. Help me please.

How long have you two known each other, for starters? Sometimes we want to rush feelings to the surface because we are too eager to wait for them.
I don't really have much experience in the field of love, so I can't really come with much insight but sometimes it can be as shallow as the simple fact that we are not physically attracted to the other person.

Sometimes we are afraid, even though we think ourselves ready and thus, we shut out the feelings we want to feel. Perhaps you don't feel like you love him as much as you want to, because you have an image of him in your head where you put him on a pedestal and are too afraid of seeing how he actually turns out in the long run...there is no defenite answer that I know of...but if he truly is this wonderful, dig deep in yourself and see how you feel.

One thing we should avoid is "wanting to feel something", and just wait to see if it comes...love usually comes whether we want it, or not.

We have been seeing each other for almost 2months now. He did kinda rush things on me because on our 2nd date he already talked to me about being his Boyfriend and I told him I am not ready for that and he said ok, when you are ready tell me but he never did wait, he kept asking me on a couple dates after that. like maybe 2 or 3 dates. I felt pressured.

Maybe that's the reason? He is everything you want in a guy, but he pressures you into relationship which you might see as a turnoff.

Some of us don't love easily for lots of reasons and some don't period. No big deal just maybe you are one that settles for like and convenience or stays single because not everyone is meant to be in love.

@vayln it could be possible but no one knows, my BFF said I should just be single for a while and see what happens in life. I work 6days a week and I barely see him anyways.
@kat I don't like the idea of being single but I don't settle for anyone. I want to grow old with someone and have 1 or 2 kids and live happily ever after.

There's nothing wrong with you. I've met loads of people who have traits I like (kindness, intelligent, kind of dorky personality) and who were also pretty attractive; yet I felt nothing.

The strongest crush I've ever had (I avoid the word "love" because I don't think it was quite that strong) was very different from the things I usually like.

It's really hard to define what kind of person you're prone to fall in love with Smile

All of our "requirements" usually vanish when we finally lay eyes on that one person who steals our heart by just being...

Thanks guys and solemnboy I'm glad I am not the only one. My friend said maybe what you think you want is not what you exactly need. Which I guess is true and maybe I did feel pressured idk I just do not like breaking hearts. this is the 2nd time this has happened to me, where i had to break someones heart.

all good because you cant love all of gods creations.

-than again its a moving target in that couples grow together as individuals through time.
-the other 97%, the straight couples, relationships are based on differences if anything.

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