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does size matter?
I like what I have and I like what my man has... We seem to fit together well. Not really a size queen, because in the end, it really is the person that matters. I'm not going to go out looking for a trade-in... Lol. He's the one I love;

Hmmm size matter to a certain extent I don't want it to be so big i's ugly, and I don't want it to be so small you can't see it till it's hard. I want it pretty

It's not the size, its how you use it Tongue that old chestnut

It's more important to my partner than it is to me.. As luck would have it that works out for us.
Of course, his perfect round high riding black azz is what's important to me.

To be honest, it's not something that's ever really worried me, bar once. And that occassion it was a "that thing is going nowhere near me!". It was truly terrifying, not only long but really thick.

A friend of ours has recently split up with his wife. The root cause of their relationship problems was his size was too large, and they never managed to have sex throughout their marriage.

Yeah, large ones can be nice to look at, but guys with them can be just as insecure and have as many problems as guys with normal or smaller than average ones.

I'm minded of the old addage, "more than a mouthful is a waste".

Personally don't care... unless it was well below average. At the end of the day it's the person attached to it that matters; not the thing itself.

At least that's how I see it Laugh

the best sex i ever had was with the guy with the smallest cock Confusedmile:

No size doesn't matter:tongue: Some like em small others big. I like them uncut and big but a really sexy uncut cock doesn't need to be big for me to go loopy for it

Michael Wrote:Yes, yes and......yes ;-)

I'm too orally and visually fixaded not to have it matter. That said....really big (anything over say 10") is only interesting for once or twice, more like having your mom say that your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

So LARGE is where i'd put my preference. Something 7.5 to 10, thick and with a nice shape. Personaly I would rather it be the thick, meaty, spongey kind rather than the really rock hard kind.

But before anyone reading this gets a complex, there have been lots of guys though that had (sorry) really little ones that just totaly fit them and it would have seemd strange if they had anything else. PLUS there are guys who prefer small ones.

But for me long term it needs to be.....of good proportions ;-)

Sorry to contradict myself but personally I agree I don't want a massive thing but a tiny nub is a turn off for me, otherwise I would be quite happy with a big clitted woman, somewhere inbetween is best so I spose size boes matter for my personal sexuality

I especially agree with what you say about the firmness of the erection. I much prefer a big floppy, fleshy uncut erection that sways, flops and bobs around as he walks than a rock hard cut cock that stands straight unmoving like some gym trained muscle. but there are plenty of guys who like em cut and rigid

Male sexuality is a broad church indeed.

I don't think it matters. And if you judge me on this statement then you could well be shallow.

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