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does size matter?

joshyboi Wrote:I don't think it matters. And if you judge me on this statement then you could well be shallow.

Perhaps those that do think it matters have an appreciation of depth? Wink

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Quote:Perhaps those that do think it matters have an appreciation of depth?

Maybe. I don't mind about size.

I've heard that it wasn't a matter of how big the oars are, it's how you rock the boat... WinkWinkWink

I don't care, but this may come as shocking... I do prefer 'em small to below-average. I'm not into medium sized cocks and I especially don't like big ones at all. I'm a bit on the below-average size.

*Shrugs* Dunno.
I think i'll always be the pathetic "Love trumps all" type anyway.....
Yeah, i'm pretty soppy in that sense.....:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Short answer - to some people, Yes

I'm guessing guys who've had more casual sex and played around a bit more know how to appreciate a really big dick. For a little over half of us we're still 'lovers' who like relationships and 'the man' rather than the muscle. It's not shallow or prudish respectively, just preference. I voted the last option; I don't think size matters too much but if you're in very small territory it might be an issue. From myself and others who've had worse, Eyes bigger than your ass would be a good description lol

p.s average-sized sex was probs my best

Never seen the attraction of porn star sized cocks (can I say cocks here, I dunno - oh well I just said it). Anything that you need to dislocate your jaw to suck is just not fun Wink. The thought of a great big veiny member is off putting.

I guess it matters to some people, and thats their choice - for me I like things to be average and below. Stay away from me with your lamp post sized penises please!

This is partly what made me gay I think. I'm going to confess here, I have three inches at best. I didn't feel like a girl would be able to feel it, so I started thinking about guys. I've had a lot of different sized things in me, some toys, some household things, and one guy. I like the feeling of big toys and big penis, I like to be worn out when I'm done.

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