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does size matter?
does da size of a guys cock matter?

It's not the size that matters, its how well you can work it.

i put my thing down flip it an reverse it!!
so i take it ya got a tiny one? :biggrin:

jamesteen Wrote:i put my thing down flip it an reverse it!!
so i take it ya got a tiny one? :biggrin:

oh man how wrong you are LOL !

Behave!!! :tongue:

Yes size matters. Big ones look better smaller ones are easier to use unless someone has been practicing with a baseball bat so wouldn't have a problem with that!!!

I dont mind the size, if i meet a cool guy(the way i define cool tho!) who is small but sex is good then i ll be happy.

I agree. Quality makes up for quantity sometimes

thanks for answerin da pole boys!!
interestin so der are more size queens than size dont matterers!! :biggrin:

I think it depends on what you want the guy for ...

... if it's just for sex, then yes, because if it's massive and you're not a size queen ? Then you're in for a potentially rude awakening ...

... if it's small and he knows what he's doing he could completely level the playing field ... if he knows what he's doing ...

The size of a man's cock is just one of a number of things that make up the greater prize - the man himself.

Who the hell am I kidding - OF COURSE it matters !! :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Yes, yes and......yes ;-)

I'm too orally and visually fixaded not to have it matter. That said....really big (anything over say 10") is only interesting for once or twice, more like having your mom say that your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

So LARGE is where i'd put my preference. Something 7.5 to 10, thick and with a nice shape. Personaly I would rather it be the thick, meaty, spongey kind rather than the really rock hard kind.

But before anyone reading this gets a complex, there have been lots of guys though that had (sorry) really little ones that just totaly fit them and it would have seemd strange if they had anything else. PLUS there are guys who prefer small ones.

But for me long term it needs to be.....of good proportions ;-)

I don't think it matters what size cock you have, it's more about the person isn't it.

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