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der are some unusual screen names on ere. how did ya pick yors?
mines pretty easy i called james an still a teen!! LOL

Well, mine is my online gaming name. the story behind the name and all the others is at this location.

mine is a lyric from one of my favourite tunes at the moment - 'Stealing Time' by Above & Beyond! =D

easy one : ASH is my intials LEO my starsign and born in '78

Norbert is just my first name. Not a regular one outside Germany so I can use it here without any risk of being confused with someone else.

Couldn't be easier.

Spotty is my first name Socks my last name :tongue:

Amitabha is my spiritual name. I was given this name by a meditation teacher.

heehee @ Spotty Socks........ I want some spotty socks Sad

blazinsmile Wrote:I want some spotty socks Sad

Anytime Wink

(i say no more because i will be hijacking the thread!!!!)

I actually had Spotted Dick and custard for pudding last night! :eek:

My real name's Edward : Eddie to my friends and I was born in 1985!


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