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The real exorcism of Christine Corda (VIDEO!)
I just saw this intriguing YouTube video on the case of the demonic possession (or maybe I should say obsession, it's not the same thing) of Christine Corda:

It's a fascinating story but is it real?

I think I'll have to agree with the skeptics on this one: I don't buy it, there's something not right here.

a) Christine's testimony was extremely vague, no places (e.g. the monastery where the exorcism took place), names or dates were mentioned.

b) No other witnesses were interviewed and no evidence was shown

c) Christine is probably not a liar but she does show some signs of schizophrenia (e.g. paranoia, constant victimization)

d) She is not the most reliable witness, since she does have her own agenda and sells psychic services on her website http://kissmeimpsychic.webs.com/

e) Satanists tapping phones? I don't buy it.

Again, I'm not calling her a liar and saying this is fake but I think we need more evidence.

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