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Earn Back His Trust
Ive joined similar forum back in my native country. And I met someone, my upper classman, there. I adore him very much, hes intelligent, nice, polite, etc. I fell for him when in reality I already had BF and so did he. but he only saw me as a lil brother *which was actually already a great honor for me*. One day, I confessed my feeling in order for him to broke my heart so I could move on *selfish me*. But his following reaction only made me adore him more and more. He acted very mature and helped my healing process.

Our relationship went up and down. I had disappointed him countless of times. Weve never met in real life so he's judging my ambiguous comments here and there as one of my actual traits, when all my intention was actually for fun. One day, he kinda clashed with one of the forum member. I had different opinions about this matter with him, and we had talked about it before and didnt seem to reach any conclusion. Then I kinda attacked him in public because of this disagreement. I was trying to be objective but it turned out he felt I was siding with the other guy. And I kinda insulted him along the way...

Since that day, we never talked again. I missed him very much. Hes already like a real brother to me. I only realize nowadays that it was actually all my faults. What do you guys think I should do to earn back his trust?

You can apologize. That's about all you can do. If he doesn't accept your apology, then you need to let go of the friendship and move on.
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