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Marriage equality just won a HUGE battle!!!!
Who wants to guess the next five? in order?

I will give it a shot....

South Carolina

East Wrote:Who wants to guess the next five? in order?

I will give it a shot....

South Carolina

I wish Georgia but not likely for awhile along with Alabama and tennesee

pontiacgp Wrote:I wish Georgia but not likely for awhile along with Alabama and tennesee

I think the last four will be Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana...

I do think Tennessee will come along before these guys...

im happy a southern state actually did it

pontiacgp Wrote:im happy a southern state actually did it

Me tooXyxthumbs

I am actually surprised West Virginia went quietly and willingly...the biggest surprise of the past week for me

Dont let him do you this way Jim

[quote=Virge]I agree with your message CornJackercracker < (forgive my warped need to warp names)
[quote=jimcrackcorn]You are quite correct VirgeBurger (smile)...

Call him
Virgee (his Mom calls him that and he hates it)
QV (Kewvee)

You guys might have made it over the hump now. They did a poll on early morning talk radio here yesterday when all the old people are up. The last I heard about it the total was 212 for and 180-something against.

Sounds like tis time for the fat lady to start warming up.

Meanwhile in Michigan...


There also is growing anticipation for a ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati.

A three-judge panel heard arguments two months ago on challenges to gay marriage bans in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, the biggest hearing of its kind on the issue.

Its eventual ruling could help determine when or even whether the Supreme Court takes up the issue. There has been no indication of a timetable by the 6th Circuit.
-attributed to: http://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-wo...47852.html...updated Oct 10, 2014 @ 7:06pm

If the current momentum holds true, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals which now holds the fate of marriage equality in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky, could render a decision in days.

Quote:“It literally could be any day now,” said Pierre Bergeron, a Cincinnati attorney with deep experience in federal appellate cases, including having clerked for a 6th Circuit judge...
...He said there’s also the possibility of a split panel and a dissenting opinion being written by the judge who disagrees, and the second judge in the majority could want to write a separate concurring opinion.
-attributed to: http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2014/10/u-s-a...d=noscript
Oct 9, 2014

My understanding is even in a split decision which is weighted in favor of marriage equality, the dissenting opinion (Judge Deborah L. Cook, strongly conservative and likely to side with the state), together with a separate concurring opinion written by swing vote Judge Jeffrey Sutton, could cause the case to be decided by the Supreme Court.

In other words, there is currently one vote for and one vote against marriage equality within the three justices of the 6th US Court of Appeals. Judge Deborah L. Cook is likely to decide against marriage equality, while Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey will probably vote for marriage equality (based on her very vocal support for the issue). So it comes down to the swing vote, Judge Jeffrey Sutton. Judge Sutton wobbled back and forth between pro and con points of the case. It is Judge Sutton's written opinion that will decide the outcome of this case.

Judge Sutton may choose to write a separate concurring opinion. his opinion includes different reasons for the basis of his decision. In absence of an absolute majority (all three judges voting either pro or con), it is these written opinions upon which court cases are decided.

It is possible if based upon Judge Sutton's opinion, that he and Judge Cook's opinion will decide the case based upon plurality opinion. Meaning the case would then be forced upon SCROTUS.

Were that the case it is expected that the Supreme Court would most likely expedite its decision, and in likelihood decide in favor of marriage equality. Still, that's a lot of "ifs" and the wait may not be nearly as fast as recent events. We'll get there in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky, but it could take longer.

Although I believe I have interpreted this information correctly, I am not a studied legal analyst, but a mere simpleton relying upon withered college class memories. If I've mucked it up, someone please correct me.

Judges Cook and Sutton were both appointed by George W Bush, while Judge Daughtrey was appointed by Bill Clinton.

South Carolina's Supreme Court has ordered a halt to the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses until a federal court case involving an SC same-sex couple is resolved, which will likely come to a quick ending given the fact that the dispute has now been legally mooted by the circuit court decision. Marriage licenses have already been issued in Charleston; it's only a matter of time.

I really never imagined it would be legal here so soon. Of course it still happened more or less the way I thought it would: not with majority approval. The majority in this state can nibble on my taint.

LEANDRONJ Wrote:I am highly optimistic! in my home state of New Jersey, since the Gay marriage fight was dropped by Governor Christie, gay marriage is now legal here! ever since then gay marriages are on the rise; and the funny thing is that the judges are pretty cool about it. So far gay marriages haven't have any negative impact with New Jersey residents.

... and quite honestly, why should they impact on anyone else's marriage? It's a myth...

East Wrote:Me tooXyxthumbs

I am actually surprised West Virginia went quietly and willingly...the biggest surprise of the past week for me

You've probably got a few residents of West Virginia who are from neighbouring Maryland, or Washington D.C. so resistance may be lower?

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