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Marriage equality just won a HUGE battle!!!!
Steve Wrote:If they did move it wasn't before this happened: Palin Family Brawl.

That's HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marriage Equality this week
Monday, Oct 13 thru Friday, Oct 17

- In Arizona, briefs are due Thursday, October 16, and the court could rule summarily, without arguments, shortly after. Arizona is in the Ninth Circuit so it is bound by the earlier decisions.

- On Thursday, a federal district court in Wyoming will hear a challenge to that state’s ban. Wyoming is in the Tenth Circuit, so it’s bound by the Kitchen and Bishop decisions. More on this via Equality Case Files.

- Arguments will be heard Friday in a challenge to South Dakota’s same-sex marriage ban.

- The plaintiffs in the challenge to Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban have filed a request in the Ninth Circuit to dissolve the stay, and the court has called for responses by today.

- The ACLU is challenging Kansas’ marriage ban in federal court.


just like when interracial marriages became legal across the usa; samesex marriages will also become legal everywhere in the usa

this may have already been said, but the only way the scotus will intervene if two circuit courts of appeal have a difference of judgement. even if 1 circuit appellate court supports a samesex ban, only then will a scotus resolve that difference because as we've seen from the 9th circuit, 5th circuit, etc... they've overturned samesex bans across the states where they have jurisdiction over.

Now, three lawyers in Nevada are questioning the legality of the 9th circuit decision on striking down gay marriage bans. They claim that the system is unfair to their cause. They use statistics to say that 2 of the most liberal judges on the 9th circuit have been on more gay issue cases than all the other judges. They say someone intentionally put them on the cases to ensure a liberal victory.

It's ridiculous and makes the lawyers and their opinions seem stupid. They lost and they can't handle it. The right wing can't handle losing. They are terrible losers and have to smear everything. Just like the tea party candidate in Mississippi that lost the primary run off but blames voting fraud for his loss instead of just taking it and moving on. Now I don't think anybody would vote for him again. People usually don't like losers, especially sore losers.

Idaho should be in the blue column today.....who's next?

[Image: 400px-Samesex_marriage_in_USA.svg.png]

* Starts to bake potatoes to celebrate*

I heard this on one of the morning TV news shows
Florida is next.


East, where do you get the legend for that map and does it update as changes happen?

One of my pet peeves is that these things are often not dated, so you don't know how to put them in context.


Dum Dum just found it.


googling something like 'same sex marriage states' will lead you in the right direction.
I bid NO Trump!

^^^Yeah..the wiki sites seem to have the latest maps and developments first...takes awhile for the others to catch up....

I also go to Real Clear Politics almost every day for my political news. I like the Huff pages but they have too many ads and it takes awhile to navigate sometimes...

I am an NPR and google freak, East. I also try to pick up what I can from the local webpages for the local fish wrapper and the station that has the best weather.

I am indeed glad to get the Wikipedia thing with dated material in it, including the count for today. Most interesting. Besides, I like the pretty colors!
I bid NO Trump!

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