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Am I attractive?
To respond to the OP directly, yes, you're attractive, and I know what the problem is. It is the apps you are choosing.

Now to others more generally. Everyone's experience in life is that some will find you attractive and some will not. Welcome to humanity. This is true no matter of your physical appearance.

It's not always good to be attractive. You could be walking the jungle and be attractive to a pride of hungry lions. You could be swimming in the ocean and a shark could find you attractive.

Dear g?d your hideous, you must of hit every branch when you fell out of the ugly tree! My best advice - save a lot of money and see a plastic surgeon, now excuse me while I go and bleach my eyes.

Camfer Wrote:You could be swimming in the ocean and a shark could find you attractive.
I started cracking up on that line ^_^, bad mental image haha.
To OP, everyones different and like some things or others.
Personally I think you are, but so long as you have good hygiene and personality those two things trump looks except for one night stands, personally I find intelligence to also be very attractive Smile but to each there own.

You're very attractive, OP. You got sorta an Enrique Iglesias thing going on. Be confident in who you are and what you have to offer and don't dwell on the numbers game, aka "how many guys hit me up". And as others have said here...be proactive about the guys you're attracted to instead of waiting for guys to come to you. Smile

You're very attractive and it seems that most everyone agrees with me. Like Camfer said, its the apps. Grindr is a hook up app. If that's what you want a hook up then continue to use it. Also it could be that people just don't think they have a real chance to actually meet you and hit it off, cause your just that darn good looking.

In general you'll always get hit on by people you don't find attractive on those apps. Now maybe you should open up and try and date outside your comfort zone. You could always go to gay bars and gay clubs and meet new people that way too, where the expectations are lower and you can just have fun. Grindr is not an app to find people that want to have real deep conversations. It can happen but not often.

Well I took a peek and I can definitely say that you're more attractive than most guys I know. Most gay guys don't seem to be interested in me either, and I know for a fact that I'm attractive, just not the type of cute, preppy attractive that they (around my area at least) go for.

You're a beautiful individual who has no need for apps, especially if you just wanna get some. You don't fall into some people's preferences, so what? There are literally millions of guys out there who would be lucky just to have a moment of your attention. Embrace that.

Delete those stupid apps, get meetup.com instead and get out there doing stuff you enjoy. The people seeing you doing stuff enjoy will be seeing the real you, not some kind of marketing campaign, and the response they feel will be far more genuine.

In all honesty and I am really not trying to be mean at all but you are very.........

Good looking and I just think you need to get more confidence about who you are and just be yourself and you will find that guy will that find you attractive and want to be your boyfriend. I mean look at all the results here by guys who have said that you are attractive. Places like Grindr it seems they are all buff muscular guys and perhaps you are going to the wrong dating sites and look into other ones or just go out and meet guys at social events for gays.

Hell for years I thought something was wrong with me and thats why I could land a great guy but then realized its those guys loss and that someday I will meet my soulmate where ever he might be. Just be patient and he will come into your life. Just my two cents of advice.

I find you to be quite attractive. Cute in fact. I'm surprised someone as well dressed as you is having confidence problems! Smile


Your self-confidence alone is enough to determine how attractive you are. Other than that, I have nothing to add on what others have said. However... YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Youre-hot

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