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Music Tastes?
I love everything. Except thug rap.

Jason74 Wrote:I am just curious what everyones music tastes are?

Sorry I just went a little crazy and I just wanted to find bands that perhaps people haven't heard before and if you have heard most of these then I think we would get along great or you are looking for something new to check out, try one of these bands out, you might just be suprised. Well anyway what are some of your music interests and tastes?

We have a decent amount of overlap.

I feel like we did this fairly recently in another thread, but my music is straight-up rock, wandering into folk on the mellow end and bleeding into punk on the hard end.

According to last.fm this is what I listen to the most:
The Gaslight Anthem, from my home state of NJ
Five AM, from California, unsigned
Dar Williams, folk singer/songwriter
Springsteen (Springsteen)
Red Wanting Blue (unsigned rock band from OH)
Honor by August (unsigned rock band from NJ/DC)
Far Too Jones (defunct rock band)
Chamberlain (unsigned rock/punk band from IN, formerly Split Lip)
Rise Against (rock/punk)
Sarah McLachlan (good to fall asleep to)
David Moore (lead singer from Chamberlain, did a solo album I apparently like alot)
Indigo Girls (indulging my inner lesbian)
The Fray (softer rock band)
Melissa Etheridge (really only like her first two albums ... but apparently a lot)
Jimmy Eat World (emo)
Streetlight Manifesto (ska band from NJ)
Boysetsfire (punk... just got into them)
Dan Potthast (very funny/silly singer/songwriter)
The Smithereens
Blink-182 (backyard firepit/drinking music)
Vic Della Pello (singer/songwriter from NJ, also performs in a band sometimes)
The Replacements
Ruthie Foster (soulful, mellow )
The Noble Thiefs (fun party band from Manitoba with a retro sound)
The Vansaders (my friend's band, party/beach rock with a hard country edge sometimes)

A whole bunch of different stuff, everything from rock/metal/alt-rock to pop to techno/dance/club to country ... and 80's music in general too

Mainly bands in the Punk, Hardcore, Pop-Punk, Ska, Ska-Punk genres from the late 70's onwards. Favorites include the Misfits, Bad Brains, Gorilla Biscuits, Dillinger Four and Operation Ivy.

Blue October is my favorite band. Paul Simon is my go to musician. I listen to both a lot.

Jason Mraz Multijump and Barbra Streisand (haha! not kidding) Confusedmile:

I can't really be bothered writing about a list of bands as it will take to long. Right now I have been listening to a lot of 80s Soviet era rock (shit like DDT), but typically I am into a lot of shit. Mainly I listen to post-punk (early 80s stuff), folk, folk punk, black metal, a lot of rap (normally alternative hip hop, but trap as well), minimal techno, a lot of jazz (typically west and east African rather than South African), and indie.

Really I listen to a lot of stuff, but I do find myself getting very obsessed with certain scenes and learning everything about them - so generally I can talk to most people about most music because there is a high chance I will have spent months obsessively listening to it at some point or another. Normally these obsessions come on every two months or so and involve me downloading about 50 albums at a time and then just leaving them on an assortment of external hard drives and in my google play folder.

I liked a few of the bands you mentioned

hot chip.

yeah yeah yeahs.

arcade fire.

I listen to everything from Godsmack and Marilyn Manson to Taylor Swift and Sam Smith. I go in a wide arch around Kanye and gangsta rap though. I can't relate to music about banging bitches or gunning people down in the hood...

New video from my fave, Madonna - "Living For Love"

[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

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