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Interview the person below
le violin

Have you ever seen a rat's @ss?

[MENTION=23142]Aquarius[/MENTION] I'd choose instrumental guitar. I always like songs with it, mostly.
[MENTION=19258]thawoods[/MENTION] I think so, hamsters' and also lab rats'.

Would you ever consider long distance relationship? Why?


have you been to a scary @ss museum?

no. because you can't make babies

will you ever cast a magic spell on your enemy, why or why not?

1. No I haven't.
2. Assuming magic exists, why the hell not is the actual question!

What's your favorite Harry Potter's spell? (Assuming you even like HP)


Durum semolina or Pantera tigris

F*cking tigers all the way

I'd have a castle armed with rocket launchers and tigers.

Describe your current humble abode and your ideal one
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

humble abode: stone bottom, wooden top. ideal: made of red bricks, with a flat top.

Current abode: 2 story house, but the ground floor is not fully covered, all the bedrooms (except guest room and a storage room), living room, and kitchen are upstairs. Most of the ground floor's space is used for parking cars. Kinda odd, but the idea was by my mom who wanted an old style traditional wooden house like the one she has in her village hometown. But ours is fully made of bricks.

Ideal abode: 3 story house (I know it's grand, but why stop at 2? [emoji11] ) with a pool and a garden yard. I'll have to be a millionaire with the current properties price. [emoji23]

Have you ever had a pet? Tell us about it, or why the lack of it.

I have petted many animals actually. A fish, a bird, a dog, a cat, a rabbit (whom I have given away as a gift), that's all I can remember.

Have you ever cried because somebody died?

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