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Hell testimonies: best videos!
I know I'm being repetitive but I've been giving this subject a lot of thought lately and I wanted to post on one single thread all the best videos I could find.

You tell me after watching these videos that you KNOW that hell is not real. Are all these people lying?

1. Herbert Broome:

2. Bryan Melvin:

3. Professor Howard Storm:

4. Robert Judah Paul:

5. Bill Wiese:

6. Nadia:

7. Anonymous testimony:

8. Randy Hicks:

9. Christine Eastell:

10. Mickey Robinson

11. Ian McCormack:

12. Ronald Reagan:

13. James Agboola:

14. Jules Roucou:

15. Curtis Kelly:

16. David Parnell:

17. Shawn Weed (American war hero, it's a long testimony but worth it):

18. Tyrone Williams:


There are 3,000,000,000 people who believe the savior of the world has been hiding in a well for 1250 years and will come out of hiding when the world is on the verge of destruction.

Up until the time of the formation of the United States the majority of "scientists" including Isaac Newton believed Lead and other minerals could be converted to gold.

The last man put to death for insisting the the world wasn't flat was a priest in Florence Italy in the 1600s

You can line up 3,000,000,000 videos of people who believe hell exists and they'll be just as credible as any of the above.

You pray to god to fill your plate with food.
I'll pray to Nada to fill mine with nil.
And we can eat together and sample each others' plates.

Read the words below one more time.

Virge Wrote:Read the words below one more time.

Honey, I'm not talking about beliefs here, these are all personal experiences.

Before any such conversation can be fruitful you must define "real".

You think you're experiencing reality now?


If you're an atheist, just imagine for a second that hell is indeed real and Bryan Melvin is right about the punishment of blasphemy.

According to Melvin, militant atheists in hell are tortured and forced by demons to give a lecture on the supposed nonexistence of God.

How sick, twisted, awful, humiliating and evil ('hellish' is the word that comes to my mind) is that?! What kind of mind would come up with that sort of sick torture?

If you want to believe in things that are true
You cannot first believe in things and then attempt to make them true.
You must first find things that are true and then believe in them.

But since that doesn't seem to make sense to you....

[Image: crack_pipe.jpg]

MisterLove Wrote:If you're an atheist...
I'm speaking from the POV of philosophy, semantics and phenomenology, not atheism.

The subject of Hell is one I have spent much time on. It is my belief that these experiences--and the belief of Hell itself--contradicts scripture.

I would post my findings, but that would take so long. I will if anyone is interested.

Humans have a strong hunger for punishment of those they deem to of done wrong.

There are many concepts believed to dispense such; be it through karma, reincarnation into lesser forms, or as is predominant in the west, hell.
We generally find comfort in knowing that because person X did Y bad thing, he will suffer repercussions just as bad or(often) worse for it. Otherwise the world starts to feel unfair.

Hell is a well known concept in many (mostly Christian based)cultures, it's going to appear frequently in lucid dreams, hallucinations, ETC.
There are many other much more rational and reasonable avenues, that could provide explanations for these experiences, than settling on the idea they must be at least partially true.

It's hard for me to believe in hell, especially on anecdotes.

It isn't unknown for people to hallucinate about things that have been strongly imprinted on their conscious mind.

The moment that anyone starts describing a vision of hell with extremely specific tortures and demons, I immediately think that the person recounting the tale is experiencing false memory syndrome....that they are recounting a literary or artistic notion of hell based on their conscious notions of what Hell or Heaven might be.

There are as many people who have 'died' who can report that there was nothing in the hereafter...just velvety blackness.

My question would be...what does a person with no experience of Abrahamic religions have to say on the matter? Are there testimonials from Buddhists with no experience of the Judaic and Christian tradition that also recount similar visions of Hell? What about New Guinean or South American tribes that have not been exposed to western ideas on the concept of Hell? Would they be able to describe the same type of demons and environment?

A lot of the videos are directly associated with religious programming, so in each case there is another agenda in play as people 'testify' about their experience.

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