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Not into anal sex,really?
How do I know for sure I'm not into anal sex? Or I just have been doing it wrongly? I've read somewhere about his guy who had anal sex (being top and bottom) and thought he wasn't into it,until someone showed him how pleasant it is to top and bottom.

It is one thing to be psychologically not into anal sex,it is another thing to be physiologically not into anal sex.

For example the former could be people who find anal sex as gross entirely due to fecal matter,and this is partially true for me as I find rimming a guy as gross,fingering and fucking is okay though. However,the later is entirely based on experience,isn't it? If you've never had the right experience,it's not wise to rule out anal sex just because of these few lousy experiences you've only had. I just haven't done it right. Really though? Or I'm just not into anal sex as it is stressful to me? I mean,I'm making a thread for it anonymously,for god sake.


worth looking at (forgive Kiwi accents)

Not all gay guys are into anal. If it doesn't turn you on then it doesn't turn you on. If you're interested then experiment with it. You can always pick up some toys. Bottoming especially takes time and shouldn't be rushed into. You don't just wakeup one day and stuff a dick in your butt. Take a month to get used to the sensation of fingers and toys and learn to relax.

You're doing it wrong.

Done correctly...it is clean and not uncomfortable or gross at all.

But if it isn't your thing, it isn't your thing.

yeah, those who complain of the fecal matter don't know the first thing about anal sex.

I am not into oral at all...giving or receiving....

My sex life has been fabulous all the same...really really good...I am very satisfied...

The more time goes on the less sex appeals to me in general... then again, I could be creating a way to mentally cope with the tremendous lack of sex being thrown in my general direction.

Fuck it, or don't...

handjobs and blowjobs > most other things

Not everyone is into anal. I know a few gay couples who don't have anal sex, they focus on other things.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

Anal is what I like the least, kissing is a must.

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