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Frequency of meeting
Hi guys,

For those guys in a relationship but do not stay in with your boyfriend,

how often do you meet up with your boyfriend?

Do you message or call each other every day or if not how often?


As for me,

I message my boyfriend every day and we meet up for chat every Sunday Smile

I used to go out almost every day with my ex girlfriend. And we chatted all day long too. She'd get upset if I didn't message her in more than 15 minutes.

The only relationship I've had with a guy though, was long distance and we met once every few months. We chatted almost every day, usually just about how the day went and stuff, and we tried to talk through skype almost every week. Shit sucks.

Thanks for your reply Haruka Smile

I am sorry that I missed out and only mentioned boyfriend in my thread. Actually I refered to all couples in general. Smile

I've had both a bf and gf. In both cases distance was not an issue so we could see each other whenever we wanted and we did and usually talked everyday by phone or text. I have to say I have come to hate texting. Texting is wonderful if you just want to convey one simple message, but if you want to carry an ongoing conversation by repeatedly texting, I shut down. Just call me on the phone.

I don't know if it is just the difference in dynamics in male/female relationship or what, but having a bf seemed a lot easier. There were no big demands and no one of us dominated the other. Girls pretty much decide when you have sex. With a guy it's like "wanna hang out and get something to eat?" "Sure!" "Blowjobs first?" "Well, duh!". I mean, penis are just immediately erect and easy to take care of. Life is simple. I consider myself a romantic guy who doesn't put sex first in a relationship, but I like being upfront, too, and just knowing the other person doesn't have all the power. I used to think it was just me, but talking to my friends who are straight, they have the same complaints.

both ex gfs and bfs all the same, we chatted everyday, spending our leisure time chatting like mad, and meet nearly everyday. my prev bf is a clingy one, he even go to my campus just to have lunch with me, our campus isn't very far tho. I call only on certain times, when we about to go out or in times of 'emergency', never called any of them just to hear their voices cuz well, we meet nearly everyday
but well, women are pushy! they often got mad when I didnt reply them right away but well, I never cared about that, I never even bother to explain why or apologize, if they got mad I'll just mad back at them and they ended up apologizing to me when that happens lol
on the other hand, my ex bfs are very flexible, they understand if I dont reply that means I'm busy and didnt nag me about not replying, it just sometimes if they really 'need' me but I don't reply to them, they'll call me and if I'm not lazy I'll pick up ( I really am a horrible person Rofl )

Both good relationships I've had started with a few scheduled days a week. Usually like monday thursdays and weekends. We communicated to some degree everyday. Being an anxious person I need to have stable things in my life.

Over time it grows towards seeing them daily and then moving in.

Chat everyday,meet once a week. More of a sleepover at his place,so it could be 2-3 days.. :p

Chat every day every night, meet each 1 week or 2, and obviously we can't move in together.

OK we can't be together, not anymore...

BlueStar Wrote:Chat every day every night, meet each 1 week or 2, and obviously we can't move in together.

OK we can't be together, not anymore...

Why's that?

princealbertofb Wrote:Why's that?

I will say more when I have proper time.

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