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Duration of sexual intercourse
I once banged this gorgeous gardener so hard and for so long, my dick was sore for two whole weeks.

I did that a few times. The worst I ever did was get "too pushy" about penetration and ended up with two dime sized blood blisters inside my foreskin. BUT that turned out funny when I went to a med school free clinic and the guy who had to drain the blood blisters passed out and pissed in his pants. An old butch lesbian with a moustache did it 10 seconds.

Virge Wrote:Sorry yet that you asked?

why would i be sorry? everything you said makes sense to me. and that's some hot stuff. i don't last as hard as long so as not to slip out after sex, but i haven't been in a relationship where i don't see the guy at all for such long periods of time. or maybe i just can't do it. sounds nice though, i'm into that kind of thing too, both ways.

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