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Does this annoy anyone else, or am i wierd?
I think the embodiment of your problem is www.omegle.com It's a really interesting site that can be a lot of fun, but most people there are just looking for sex.

For example, my first conversation of the night:

Stranger: male 17

You: looking for?

Stranger: msn girl

You: well arent you fun

You: sorry i'm a male

You: not looking for cyber

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

That's why I really enjoy this site, there's definitely not a sense of this place being built around random hookups. This and tombraiderforums and the Harry Potter forums are all I need while online lol!

I think that we need to learn to all wait. I found this out the hard way... Not fun .
But there being not many good guys for us to find I guess what we strive to find we should also try to be. but no dramatics changes people don't like big changes like when I came out at school... got call "not gay!" and "Straight!"
it was interesting.

thats what happens on alot of those chat sites is all the people there are looking to hook up its very rare to find people that just want to get to know you first

so...should i jump off the brooklynn bridge now or later?

No, don't jump ... fly Wink

Some websites are very sleazy, I like to get to know folk first.

This is the first site i'v been on and all these other forums sound terrible. guess i was lucky i stumbled across this one Big Grin

the cute, sexy, emotionaly stable, intelligent

Cute, me maybe, sexy would'nt judge myself. Emotionaly stable? meh i'd rather spend time makeing the world happy Wink well my friends and anyone else that needs help :O Intelligent? meh i would say i'm smart, but laid back there'll be a day when i get more activve and come to my true potential Big Grin

did that so maybe you lot can get to know me more :O Tongue

Anyway, Beano the right guy is out there, you just got to find him, or he'll find you ^_^ the possibillites are endless Big Grin

~D5~ Wrote:... Anyway, Beano the right guy is out there, you just got to find him, or he'll find you ^_^ the possibillites are endless Big Grin
Sadly, since Beano hasn't been online since the end of January, he may never know. Wink

Dahm should really check the dates XD

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