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Does this annoy anyone else, or am i wierd?
ok, sorry don't really know where to post this at...

latley been chatting quite a bit on the gay chat sites.. gaydar.com, gay.com, boysgo.com ect... lol... i like chatting what can i say, and im sick of the whole hooking up thing...

i would like a guy to ask me on a date first, or at least know my name befor.. you know... lol.. just annoys me, would like some substance, where can you find decent guys??


lol... Good question.. Where can you find them at? If anyone knows any or has a spare one laying around, please send it to me. Just ask and I will let you know where to send him. Biggrina

hahahah!!! but seriously, where are all the cute, sexy, emotionaly stable, intelligent gay men at? married with kids?

Well i am single and i am in my work place nowLaugh

Unfortunately it is how you say , these other sites mostly are sexually oriented , a date equals shag or how they say now ^%&* and go. Thats why i like gayspeak, very chilled kind of site , not pretentious or perverted; Just FUN.

Well beano, I would like to think I am all of the above and then some, but you know it's all in the eyes of the beholder. How you see someone may not always be the same way someone else sees them... Just keep smilin' and being you... The right one will come along. It hasen't happened to me yet, but one day I will be walking the street and something will happen to me, either it be dropping something, going to grab something or even being hit by a car, the right one could be anywhere.

Mehh. Ive noticed with various other sites what the guys tend to be like.. Alot is for cheap kicks and thrills which aint always in person.

Dude your still pretty young, enjoy being young and commitmentless Big Grin. No need to rush to find prince charming, let him find you Wink.
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

@DISTURBED - Are you serious? Did you even bother to read this topic? It's about horndogs like you.

Ya I notced that too, maybe if your close and we have chated for a good long time. But for a fark and go. Hell, I'll admit my first boyfriend I met online, but up untill we met in person we were friends for about 2 years.

They can be found anywhere. Just there doesn't seam like a lot of them out there.

It's hard meeting nice people.
I think it would be wonderful to fall for a good friend because then it's like you have a good relationship already, but things can't always be how we want it.

I think the best thing is just to get out there and meet people and make friends and make your stance known.


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