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Having trouble meeting people on scruff/grindr/online?
Also no matter which you go on they are all the same people who are just a waste of oxygen

hopefully those apps aren't used to gauge your confidence level. if those guys wont give you the time of day, I'm sure it's their loss.

and grindr is a bit raw...like what axle said earlier, pof or okcupid might be a better alternative.

This is gonna sound weird, but, after looking at your profile picture... I think people are too intimidated. Honestly I would easily rate you 9 out of 10, if not higher. I know when I see a really cute guy, I purposely don't message him because I know for a fact he'll reject me because I don't find myself attractive. I'm a healthy weight, but I just have an ugly face (well, I think it is and many say it is).

What is your "type"? Who do you go for? Do you ignore any messages?

I just am finding it hard to believe at this point... because everything else you said here seems more than fine. Music and video games are common interests.

The "bi" thing has been brought up already (though I don't care if a guy is gay, bi, pan, etc.), but if you're not mentioning it... maybe the "bottom" thing? If the guys viewing your profile are also bottoms, they may be turned off. That's the only other thing I can think of.

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