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The Body
i lack in an ass Sad so its nice to look at a nice one once in a while Smile

oooh ass listen to me how american *** bum :$


i changed my mind. and subsequently my vote.

as he has been working on his ass. and i dont understand how i can be so overly attracted to it!


Definitely the face, I'm not much of a body obssessive but I like a nice face.

If I had a bf I'd say all of the above

I am totally hot for sexy legs.

I love Cory's face, it is exquisite, but I must stick with my usual horny answer and say ASS! I love a nice ass. Not necessarily just my boyfriends, I just like a guy with a nice ass period
Soccer players (football I guess) i think have the nicest asses oh my. And they usually have nice chests and oooo hehehe must stop lol

I aint got a partner Tongue but anyhow the Ass is the ebst part anyday followed by a nice torso (chest, belly, nipples) Big Grin

oo abs! I love abs! yum. An dnipples as long as they are cute nipples

Well, I had to go with face. But only because you didn't have lips as an option. My partner has the most beautiful lips and mouth I've ever seen.

I like to get lost in peoples eyes ^_^

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