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The Body
Time for a new poll I think

What would be among your favourite parts of your partners body?

Belly... But just to change it slightly, The fav part of me to be touched is my back ;D
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

I want to make a vote, but you didnt add a choise for me...

*votes* Don't have a partner

if there is nothing in his eyes, nothing makes sense. i cannot relate to a man without seeing to what depths his eyes take me.

Don't have a partner at mo, but if I did it would most likely be the chest area... my username should explain it! Smile

the ass i love it

my favoriot body partWink...so sexy. i like guys with those cute lil' pointy elf ears!! hahaha!!

i think im guna go with chest Tongue3 Hehe although i like eyes also Confusedmile:

eyes... definately eyes... xD the kinda thing where you just keep staaaring and staaaring... mm... xD I get lost in my own little world...

Eyes, I love a partner with beautiful eyes.

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