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The Body
, man or woman i love the chest area, i also love to look into my partners eyes, and the rest of these ok but i really don't pay mucha ttention to the leg/feet area (this may be because im allot taller than most i've gone out with

now as per me, my back can be very sensative to thesensual touch, get it just right and you can have me begging Tongue

I don't have a partner yet, but what I LOVE from anyone is their torso~ I'd focus my sole attention on the torso =3
so sexy for me~

eyes are the window to the soul ..... the eyes have it

Ass Smile and possibly penis but only for sexual times clearly.

The eyes are great. So is the chest and back.

call me a mushy pile of mush, but I couldn't decide... I'm gonna go with chest and belly for getting me through this freeeeeezing cold lately

i really feel like touching his legs, without hairs

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