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When it comes to YOUR sexuality and sexual tastes...
I believe it is created by both inveronment and gens. I grew up with a lot of friends, mostly girls, and I remember kissing some of them, even doing things that people say kids don't do, but it all happens from day one. But I only had slightly sexual experiences with one girl, my old bff, who I can't talk with today.
But I also find interest in other than women, that is why I think I'm pansexual.

Who I find attractive:
Lately I have only found very few "people" or characters attractive. Mostly older men with dominant voices. It is probably out of nature, since older more experienced men are better protectors. But I would probably get trust issues with such people in the long run.

Funny enough, I prefer to date girls, because they are more emotional and my dominant spirit can become more visible and free with women. I don't have trust issues with most women either. But don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist, I have just had way less problems with girls in general.

Dominant or submissive? Bottom or top?
I am dominant out of nature, but if my partner is sexy enough, I will gladly be submissive sometimes. I have no idea what would happen in bed, since I have never had sex, but as a kid, I sometimes played a "animals mating" game with my cousins, I was 99% of the time top, and when I wasn't my cousins would complain about being top. They were girls by the way.

Kinks and such:
Well... I don't know xD I'm not sure about what exactly is it, but I like anal, does that count?
I guess dry sex is another thing. I don't need to have actual sex in order to feel anything. Physical touch in the right way is good enough for me. Cool

I've often wondered what made me develop my kink. LOL It's still going strong after all these years.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

I have been pretty gay ish since I was a kid, used to kiss my friends, and almost had sex with my bff, really weird when you think about it. But I was a stupid kid, I had no idea what I actually was doing. xD
But I would say it is about gens, because you hear so often about homosexual people growing up with homophobes all over, if it was the inveronment, they probably woouldn't have been gay in the first place.

I see myself as top/dominant in any relationship, but I wouldn't have a problem with being submissive, if I see my partner as sexy when he/she is top. However I'm not fan of sharing personal info with people in real life, so they will have to get to know me quit well before I told them it directly.
My bff (not the one from my childhood) doesn't like the idea of top/bottom being there in the first place, so I can't talk with her about it. I actually dated her for some time and found out that way.
Control simply comes natural to me, but being out of control is the risky side of sex that can even be more fun.

I don't think it is a kink, but an "invitation" can instantly turn me on, if done right. Kind of like if a person exposed the neck or something, giving clear body language, telling me to do something.
If humans had tails, raising the tail and exposing "something" could probably also have an effect, but it is mostly because I find body language very interesting, so when people know how to use it right, it just screams intelligence.
Hugging from behind and being hugged from behind is just the best

Have a nice day Perverted-smiley

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