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Do you care about Pride?
72jay Wrote:Not sure if it'll be helpful, but found this through google: http://www.shpride.com/2017/06/08/pride9...t/?lang=en

Sadly, the ShanghaiPride Film Festival is fully registered. Sad

But I managed to get a seat for LGBTQ Open Discussion. Smile


Pride isn't for me, it's too loud, flashy and in your face. I've never been fond of flashing my sexuality at people who haven't asked about it, and Pride strikes me as way to ostentatious.

I'm sure my lack of willingness to get hyped about pride is linked to my intimacy issues as well, but oh well. Tongue

I saw on the news this morning that today is Boston Pride...just seeing all the shots of the Common and such made me nostalgic for the city...I loved living there and I miss it.

The reason it rated a mention on national news is because they're doing stuff to honor the survivors of the Pulse shooting and emphasizing the theme that we're stronger together.
Ive never felt the urge to attend Pride before, but I kind of wish I could be there.

never been to one - i dont actually identify with the flamboyant side of been in a gay parade with drag etc - yes i know theirs more to it than that but that is all that is publicized when one is happening - seems to bee students wanting to be photographed with the most lavish drag queens - i only say that because thats exactly what was shown a few days ago for a gay pride on tv.
i would actually like to go to one but way from where i live anyway

I was discussing this topic on another site. I'm still trying to figure out if the gay pride parade is a positive thing or not...it certainly had its purpose before, but I'm not sure how useful it can be in this day and age, especially with all those men who dress like bitches for the lulz, and perverts shoving their fetish and/or nudity in your face. These individuals may be a minority but they're always there, very visible, almost as if they're the flag of the lgbt community. They're embracing the stereotypes, and I think it's time we shut them down instead.

Sounds like some of you would be better off attending a Shame event rather than a Pride one.

Well there arent a lot of pride events where i live because homosexuality is still considered illegal (thankfully not enforced) and secondly I'm still closeted so I probably wouldnt have attended anyways.
Would I like to attend one someday?
Of course, why not? IMO that would be a nice way to celebrate coming out.

Nope I don't attend.

Never marched but have attended multiple Pride Parades.
Haven't been to one in years.

I always had fun.

The nearest major city has a small event every year, will have to go sometime.
Use a condom.

Emiliano Wrote:Sounds like some of you would be better off attending a Shame event rather than a Pride one.

I'm not ashamed of my orientation. I'm openly gay. I've been out since I first realized I was gay as a young teenager - I was never in the closet. I've worked with a local LGBTQ organization for quite a while. We do a lot of volunteer work in the community, simply because we feel that if people get to know us, there will be less tension. People fear what they don't understand. I've also been very active, and open, in lobbying our legislators for important legal changes.

The fact that I'm not willing to parade through the streets in drag, waving flags and making out with strange men, does not in any way reflect shame. It's not me, it's not who I am. I feel like I can make more of an impact by being me, a regular guy, and working to make my community, my state, this country a place where gays are just ordinary neighbors, co-workers, friends. I want to emphasize the similarities, not the differences.

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