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Do you care about Pride?
My reluctance is because I am a quiet person, introverted with social anxiety and loud places, events and even packed streets make me intensely nervous. My sexuality is a private matter between myself and my partner, although I am "out", I don't see why I should make it a talking point.

I don't like the idea being thrown around that because we don't automatically want to go march that we're disrespectful of everyone who got us to the state we're in today. My response is thus: much like how I was taught as a child by my Priest that I don't need to come to church to be religious, I don't need to go to pride to recognise what has been achieved or take fact of it.

I have the internet, charities and petitions for that. The less contact with people that involves me talking the better, thanks.

Wouldn't ever attend a pride event. Not my sort of thing. I don't need to advertise I am gay. I'm happy and and all. But I don't need the whole world knowing. Might as well wear a sign saying 'I am gay' not my thing

Just to be clear Im not anti-pride, parades just arent my thing. Im extremely proud of my service in Iraq but I dont participate in veterans parades or related events. Some people just arent parade types.

Also for some of us gay is far down on the list of what defines us. For instance, I wouldnt describe myself as gay, I would describe myself as a shooting enthusiast, or a miniature wargamer first.

I don't think anyone is saying that people have to go to parades.

I just don't see the point. They've achieved their objective of equality

CellarDweller Wrote:Please. I'll consider your argument about gays and "gratuitous displays of weirdness and obscenity" when I can attend Mardi Gras and Carnivalé in Rio and not see naked tits and ass everywhere, so they can get a set of beads.

LOL I was at Mardi Gras with a group of mostly straight guys and these girls offered to throw us their beads...if we could catch them with our dicks...and every last one of them went for those beads.

And...I used to live in Boston, and I remember one Patriot's Game in freezing weather where these straight guys I know showed up in gym shorts, their bodies painted, hair dyed Patriot's colors...singing, dancing and high 5-ing everyone.

So yeah...point taken.

Just thought I would share this link to two of my favorite guys on YouTube chipping in withtheir recognition of Gay Pride. It is quite homemade with lots of grins and laughs, but most importantly it is two nice guys saying they give a damn. Straight or gay, that counts.

If the link does not work just google Kilted Coaches Pride
I bid NO Trump!

Doc Wrote:Did this actually happen? or is it just an example.

[MENTION=22821]NativeSon[/MENTION] I am absolutely an outsider, Im closeted and I dont ever want to come out. I have nothing in common with those guys I really reserved and quiet. Im only gay in the loosest sense. Im a conservative person, I have a respectable and clean cut appearance. Im not saying that pride parades are wrong, they just arent for me, I dont feel like I would ever ever fit in those types of gay men and I feel like they would reject me and ridicule me for my beliefs.

You sound like every gay guy I've ever known. It's okay to be different.

I have two kids, ages 10 and 13 and I'm debating taking them to at least just the parade in Minneapolis. From what I hear Pride in this state is family friendly and kids are ever-present. Does anyone have any insight?

AlohaShannon Wrote:I have two kids


What is up with these assholes?

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