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I hope with all my heart to be wrong
I know that there are different ways of having a relationship, that for some it can work and for others it is simply something that would come as a lie for ourselves.
With what you just said, I remembered that day in late 2015 when, after facing the accusation of my family, after the word "dishonor" was already synonymous with my name, after a year of total exile, without a word, without a look, just an empty room someone came who gave me the strength to continue, allowed me to believe in myself, loved me ... I suppose, since he always repeated it and one day, that day after everything That happened, that he tried to kill himself and could not because I was there to help him get to the hospital, after 3 days without sleep, in charge of not missing anything, of having the necessary surgeries done, I find out that he had a 6-year relationship with someone else, the boy came to that hospital room, kissed him as if nothing, in front of his family and friends at work, they all knew me, they knew who I was and what place I had in their life but ... he received it as if nothing and simply said, "he is my lover for several years " everyone in that room looked at me and I just walked out, his boss caught up with me in the hallway and even though he said "you don't deserve this" well apparently that's not what that special person thought i guess i didn't want to lose him either and He was with me and he loved me but then he did not know how to tell me no longer, it is something that today I do not know because I did not want to know anything more about him.

I am not saying that this is your case, but that about of remote relationships reminded me of this and I suppose that for this kind of things I distrust the well-being of a couple and I see it confused.

I begin to believe that I need therapy

Therapy is not a bad thing.

I was in therapy after a bad break up. It did so much good for me.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

I don't know, the last time I went to therapy the psychologist told me "Tell me more" because my life was like a netflix movie and doing accounts has like 5 seasons of 10 chapters each then ... I don't know, also I don't I know a lot about the guild.

and seriously, that happened, it's not a joke

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