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Covid-19 Test?
(06-08-2020, 11:51 PM)eastofeden Wrote: So - just got my test. Anyone else get it yet?

No testing for me yet. I've teleworked and been very careful. My daughter's got a bf who was evacuated from S Korea back home in March and we think she had a false negative on her testing because she was very sick for over four weeks and negative for flu, cold, everything. They never could tell her what was wrong. The nose swab resulted in her bleeding and that led to a panic attack right there in the office. It was a total nightmare, and then the negative results with her being so sick and no other explanation really says a lot about our healthcare provider (supposedly the best around HA).

Did they tell you to quarantine until you get the results?
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  • eastofeden

No - they didn't tell me to quarantine or anything like that. I guess I have to wait a couple days to get the results.

I didn't have any symptoms though. I think they are doing the test now widespread and free of charge to try and get a pulse on the actual percentages and probability for another wave that might be worse.

I think I was probably more at risk at the beginning because I do outdoor markets and am in Silicon Valley so we have alot of International Customers due the tech industries.

I do wonder with alot of people and you mention your daughter when it really did start and how accurate the tests were and even now - I hear about alot of false positives and maybe even false negatives. I would like to see a better grasp on it sooner than later.

Is your daughter doing good now?
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  • ChadCoxRox

(06-10-2020, 07:49 AM)eastofeden Wrote: Is your daughter doing good now?

She was sick for five weeks and then left over symptoms for another two weeks. She was paid for the missed work though and back now. We truly believe false negative and plan antibody testing later if they sort out the validity issue. Either way I am grateful she's better and hope she now has some immunity because now she's out there protesting in a big way #BLM and though she has her masks and arsenal of defense, she's still my baby girl. ♥♥♥♥♥
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  • , andy, eastofeden

I am glad she is OK now (and protesting!)

It sounds like she might have had it to me as well.

We both got back our tests yesterday and both negative.
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  • , ChadCoxRox

I had my test courtesy of the NHS on the 8th.  I was told that transport would be provided but I hadn't expected an ambulance wih two paramedics to collect me!
I has driven to the test centre and the test was carried out without my having to to leave the ambulance.  Just mildly uncomfortable with two long cotton buds pushed to the back of my throat and up to the top of my nostrils that lasted a matter of seconds.  I was then driven back home and a day later the test came back negative. Shy
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Hubby had to get up at the crack of dawn, to get both tests done (virus and antibodies) and both came back negative. He’s getting on an airplane tomorrow so I’m a bit nervous.

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understand - it is nerveracking for me when my husband might be in harm's way when I might ignore the same if it was me instead. I hope he stays safe and out of harms way.
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  • Bhp91126, ChadCoxRox

Cases are spiking in the US in a number of states. 

Of course, Dumb Donald is saying shit like "if we tested less, we'd have less cases".


I still have not been tested.  My time outside has been minimal.  I spend most of my time in the apartment, when I do need to go out I wear a mask and gloves (which are properly disposed of) and I have a bottle of hand sanitizer that I use immediately once I get back to the car, and I use it not only on my hands and face, but anything that I will need to touch (car keys, steering wheel).

I get that we need to carry on with our lives, but we also need to be careful not only for our sakes, but for the sakes of our neighbors and loved ones as well.
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  • eastofeden

Don’t see the need to get tested, I don’t have any symptoms. I’m not quite as rigorous as @CellarDweller, I never wear gloves, but use sanitizer where available and wash my hands first thing I come home. I’m wearing a mask outside when there are other people around and in the supermarket. Supermarkets and my cardio-rehab are the only things I leave the condo-complex for. I use my complex’ gym a couple of times a week and everybody there is very responsible. I clean and disinfect every machine before and after my use.

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  • LJay

I go out so little it just doesn't seem necessary. Most of my outings are to doctors offices. I don't even go to the grocery. Roomie or delivery service for that. Even drugs--prescriptions, that is-- come by mail. A big adventure is taking myself out to the back porch to watch the grass and weeds grow.

Bernd, you should drop by. I have a whole room full of exercise equipment from Soloflex to free weights to indoor bicycle rig that needs to be used. You could sweat and I could watch you while taking pills/
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