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few words about myself and my companion
I am a Frenchman living in Tamil Nadu, South India since nearly four decades. I love this country and its people and its menConfusedmile:....John is my Companion. He is 28 and I am 68...big age gap! yes. It sometimes is the reason of frictions. But, we quickly forget those frictions as we love each others very much. John and I live happily together since now 4 years and I wish it lasts till my last moments.
Considering the Indian culture, boys and girls can do whatever the want before their mariage provided they are discreet and...get married to the girl or boy of his/her parents would have selected. Homosexuality as well as sexuality is something that generally speaking, no one in India talks about and certainly will not talk to their children about. However, once the boy has reached 25 or 30 maximum, parents will want to get married and settled. What will happen to John, my companion. His family keeps on talking to him about a girl that perfectly match their requirements (astrology, cast, skin colour, salary, etc). He keeps on pushing these proposals away saying that he will marry only when he decides. He told me he will never marry and will spend his life with me ever...It is really tough on me as I have been let down two times with two Idian men who after spending 10 years with me got married and dropped me and ran away...

Hello and welcome to gayspeak.

Wow, big age gap yes but if it works for you who cares?! I guess it must be really difficult for John with pressure from his family to get married, I hope for both of you he can take his own decision and not give in to the pressure of the family.

Hi and Welcome :-)

[SIZE=2]Sorry to hear about your situation.
Unfortunatly i don't have any helpfull advice for you.:frown:

I'm wishing for the best.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Bonjour, Natural, et bienvenue à GaySpeak. Je suis ici depuis quelques années avec mon partenaire, Princealbertofb. Il est français et je suis anglais. Je voyage entre l'Angleterre and la France tous les mois.

It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with John and his determination to stay with you is very touching. I cannot imagine the pain of seeing your lover being torn away from you through family loyalty and obligation to marry. That this should happen after relationships of ten years sounds so hard. :frown:

You are very welcome here and I hope you will feel able to tell us something about your life in Tamil-Nadu. It all sounds fascinating.

Welcome, Probably, I am the only one in here coming from a collective culture so I am soft of understand how much pressure John has. I hope that you guys will have a happy ending. Probably, you should leave the country with him tho.

only a thought.... what´s if he maybe thinks that he is infertile.... or his parents, eventually wife and parents-in-law would believe that he is ?

Hello and welocme! :]

Hey welcome to the site Big Grin

Hi and welcome to GS.

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