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The Blond Gene!
Ohhhhh, I've had a C * * t of a day!

It so happens that the 5th Anniversary of my Mothers death is today, 1st October and being a Friday I have a half day so I thought I'd have some lunch, buy some flowers then go to the grave. It's a simple bus journey of about 10 minutes.

However, I am blond (Natural! Collar and Cuffs!!! LOL) and instead of getting the bus to "Dentons Green", I got the bus to "Gillers Green". 20 minutes later I found my self in a suburb of Merseyside which must be twinned with down town Basra! This isn't Kansas, Dorothy thought to her self!

I stayed on the bus (You can when you have a weekly pass) and went back from whence I came and started over. Problem was the bus to where I should have been going is 6 mins past the hour, every hour and I had the best part of 50 mins to kill.

I've been home since about 5pm. So much for my half day! Oh yes, the blond gene is well and truly dominant and working well! :confused:

The blond gene is rare based on the things I've read. If I'm not mistaken, it's some kind of mutation gene. One of the reasons why you have the blond gene is that your ancestors from a looooooooooooong time ago were from a Scandinavian country. There was a period in time where the Vikings landed in England and surrounding areas. They were conquering and pillaging back then. Many Vikings had blond hair, so you definitely get it from a great great great (so many greats really) grand parent. I know for a fact that someone in your lineage was from Scandinavia. Now perhaps it wasn't a Viking and it was just an ordinary person who settled in England and that person was from Scandinavia. Hehe, I just did a history lesson for y'all. Tongue

I am kind of into guys and girls who have blond hair Big Grin I think white guys who have blond hair are super cute!!! If I have kid, I will definitely pick a blond hair egg donor. People said that black hair is more mysterious but to be honestly, I don't like my black hair so much. I dyed it into light brown Big Grin. So you should be happy for your blond hair Big Grin

I bleached my hair a couple of months ago. It turns out the peroxide sinks in too.

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Ah vig, tomorrows another day! I am sure your mum would have appreciated the long way round you went to give flowers.


juk Wrote:Ah vig, tomorrows another day! I am sure your mum would have appreciated the long way round you went to give flowers.


*agreed with juk* + *Hugs*, too

Easily done Wink Glad you made it in the end and got back safely.

Vigilias Wrote:However, I am blond (Natural! Collar and Cuffs!!! LOL)

Dumb question: What does "collar and cuffs" mean?

Ryhunt86 Wrote:Dumb question: What does "collar and cuffs" mean?
Urban Dictionary: collars and cuffs

Cutieboy Wrote:...I know for a fact that someone in your lineage was from Scandinavia. Hehe, I just did a history lesson for y'all. Tongue

I'm able to trace my Paternal family back to the 11th Century, after that it becomes a matter of relying on verbal and anecdotal evidence.

One of my ancestors, according to legend, took on and killed a Griffin (Half Eagle half Lion) and the Griffin rampant proper (standing upright and depicted in its natural colours) features in the coat of arms from that time onwards.

Two common pub names in these parts are "The Griffin" and "The Eagle And Child" It seems this creature made such a damn nuisance of its self, taking live-stock and the odd child that enough really was enough. It had to go!

Legend and myth aside, the truth is probably that the griffin represents a much more ancient symbol which has been corrupted over time by various artistic interpretations. One theory is that it probably started off as the Raven, much venerated by the Norse people you speak of.

Such artistic interpretations of the original have given us the Liverbird the emblem of the city of Liverpool and Liverpool F.C.

When King John gave Liverpool its first charter in 1207 a lot of references were made to St John in the new market town. King John's dynasty was the Plantaganets whose fifteen monarchs ruled England from 1154 until 1485. Their patron saint was St John the evangelist whose symbol is a souring eagle (Alluding to the word of God being carried to his people as swiftly as though by an eagle) In many churches in England the lectern which holds the Bible is carved in to the image of an eagle.

St John was adopted as the patron saint of Liverpool and the eagle as its heraldic device. The original seal of the City of Liverpool depicted the eagle of St John with a sprig of Plantaganista sea weed its beak, another reference to King John and his dynasty. The seal was supposedly kept in a tower in the long since demolished Liverpool castle but was either lost or destroyed in a fire.

The artist who fashioned the replacement seal, pressed in wax to attach the authority of the City to its documents, didn't do a very good job and so we ended up with a bird that looks like a cormorant. The seaweed is still there though.

Maybe the artist was blond!:biggrin:

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