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The Dance and dancing thread
Gay Icon Margaret Cho this week on DWTS..I saw her recently live...I love her...this dance and her outfit were in memory of the gay teens that commited suicide....


Thanks for this East of Eden... Margaret Cho is a very funny comedienne...

....speaking of gay icons...and dance...my personal favorite (Liza)


Oh my, oh my! This man is SEXXXXXXXXXYYYYYYY and this must be one of my favourite samba songs: Copacabana... lol, but Margaret did quite well.... especially that round the waist bend....
Oh and I really LOVE this stuff.... such precision.

Brilliant editing too... see now all those different dance moves seem to fit the music.???

That is a great video PA...love the compilation...had not seen that before.....

Thanks for threading along with me on this "thing" of mine... just seeing others dance makes me want to boogie.... hehehe. :tongue:

River Dance

The Irish were always at dancing.

i wish i could dance
way to shy
olny time ive danced is when im wayy to drunk

I love dancing! Whenever I'm listening to music I always dance and sing along to it, in private of course... I'm way too shy to dance in public. I hate my shyness. D:

I love River Dance...they are fun to watch...

I love the chorus line from A Chorus Line...I can never figure out how many dancers they have and if they double/triple them with the mirrors? Ahhh...life's mysteries:biggrin:


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