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The Dance and dancing thread
I was looking for something else, but discovered this lovely sequence. I didn't know Margaret Jenkins' work before, but I really enjoyed the flow and strength of this.


Starting to enjoy this thread!

just had to respond to Rychard's Gene Kelly post with this Smile -

if I can ever do the 'side glide' @ 0:26 - 0:29 I'll be a happy wuff -_- what ARE his feet doing? it blows my mind...

One of my all time favorites. A showdown/duet dance from Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Class humor within the magnificent choreography.


After I injured my leg, I thought my dancing ability is over. Until I saw this. It was a wake up call.

It makes me cry.

P/S: Btw thanks God or who ever the Creator is for making those beautiful juicy butts. Say Amen with me! Amen!

Another one from the same video.


Jay Wrote:After I injured my leg, I thought my dancing ability is over. Until I saw this. It was a wake up call. ...
Thank you, Jay. Were you reading my mind? My daughter is a professional dancer and she did some work with DV8 many, many years ago. I was looking for another one of their pieces from a dvd I once bought her. They are a brilliant company Smile

Wow Jay...I had never seen DV8 before...very cool!...thanks for sharing!

I think the dancing in this video is really sexy and hot...plus I love Carlos Santana....


Sadly Vevo seems to have blocked the video in the UK on "copyright grounds".


joseph - try to dance along to this mate - it would be a great dance to try at summer scheme next year if you go

Amazing, Matty. Are these prisoners?

Brilliant posts, everyone... Thanks. Gene Kelly with his immortal dancing and Fred Astaire... of COURSE!!! And then the fabulous DV8!!! Confusedmile:Confusedmile:Confusedmile: WOW!!!

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