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Feel It's Finally Time To Come Out - Please Help!
Glad we could be of help.

Strachan Wrote:I know telling people when you're completely drunk probably isn't the ideal way to do it!

Neither is it ideal to tell people when they are drunk.

Good Luck

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Hi guys

Well I finally did it! Last night I told 3 of my closest college friends I'm gay - 2 of them were pretty shocked the other one said she knew deep down I was but was never going to push me by asking questions. I didn't tell everyone though, there were another couple of friends I had planned to tell last night but just didn't get the chance to speak to them. The 3 I did tell though were really supportive and actually felt honoured that I told them first! It felt like such a relief to tell them though and now I feel I'm on the road to coming out.

Now I've got to think about telling everyone else, including family. That is going to be hard but I'm not gonna rush it. The 3 friends I have told have promised to keep it to themselves but to be honest even if they didn't I wouldn't really bother.

Anyway I'll keep you updated!

Hey - great news! Good on you for doing it, and good on your friends for being there for you Confusedmile:

Well done. Xyxthumbs

Congratulations! Once you come out to the first few people and the reaction is supportive you begin to feel unstoppable.

Good luck on the other friends and your family. Family was the hardest for me, but it was worth it.

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Yes, bravo!! Bighug
I'm thinking, Strachan, that it's often easier to tell complete strangers, or newly met people about yourself in this situation because they haven't had time to build up any images of who you are, and what to expect of you. Your family, on the other hand, have seen you grow up and have nurtured you with the usual hetero culture that we mostly get from society and also religion. Be prepared to find them the hardest to tell, but, if you've told other people before, it does get easier as you finally grasp the vocabulary and the courage to say those words to yourself and about yourself. There is no stronger hindrance than self loathing. Start loving yourself, and thinking that others too may love you for who you are and not who you'd like to date, partner or have sex with... Many people won't actually care.

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