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IMHO...MASTERCLASS Singer/Songwriter and I have also seen her live...


Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:... Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair

Simon & Garfunkel is my favourite American singer-songwriter duo, consisting of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Excellent music.
Scarborough Fair? That's cheating! It's a traditional song that Paul Simon learned from Martin Carthy when he was playing the clubs in London in the early 60s. The "Canticle" part of the song is an altered version of Paul Simon's song, "Side of a Hill" which was on his very early solo album, "The Paul Simon Songbook".

Thanks for spotting my error Marsh, thats why you were the right person to start this thread. Your knowledge is endless my friend.

Most definitely not endless ... that's what makes each day worthwhile Wink

I'm trying to pick singer/songwriters that may be new to some people. In any right thinking world Paul Brady would have been an international megastar. I first came across him when I bought an album by The Johnstons around 1970 I think. Like Sandy Denny, John Martyn and Richard Thompson above, Paul Brady's songwriting emerged from a background in traditional music. His songs are always immaculately crafted and he deals with some very tricky subjects with tremendous sensitivity.

The Island was written about the troubles in his native Ireland. The sentiments are just as relevant today.


The great Mr Bob Dylan

...and the lady of his affections in the above song..our local kick ass activist Joan Baez


At last! Thanks, E Wink Interesting choice of song for Mr Z. although I think I'd have gone for one of the protest songs.

marshlander Wrote:At last! Thanks, E Wink Interesting choice of song for Mr Z. although I think I'd have gone for one of the protest songs.

I did consider it but I was going for the Dylan/Baez connection...he was referring to her in that song and I am not sure if I got this one right BUT...I think she was referring to him in Diamonds and Rust as well. I love music trivia:biggrin:...but my memory has far too many useless bits of information stored in there so sometimes I forget the details:biggrin:

Speaking of singer songwriter couples...I dearly love Valerie Simpson and Nick Ashford who were prolific writers at Motown and are responsible for many of Motowns legendary songs...they both wrote for Diana Ross alot. She met him while he was sitting in the park...really nice love story and I adore both of them and have all the stuff they have done todgether as well as Valerie's early solo efforts....


My two favorite songwriters on the top of my head that I really like are:

Neil Young
James Taylor

Speaking of Motown...another great songwriting team and love story was Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright...he is my favorite male vocalist and she was a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel and a brilliant Songwriter..unfortunately she passed away a couple years ago due to cancer (RIP)...she was tapped to replace Diana Ross when she left the Supremes but declined....this song is beautiful...and sad...both she and Stevie recorded it and I think it was about their relationship...always brings a tear to my eye....

...she found great success as a songwriter but little success as a singer...she did not write this but this is the one hit she had with Billy Preston.....gotta share it to indulge my crush I always had on her...love watching her sing and smile...


Another album that belongs in my top 10 (or maybe top 20Wink)

I love this whole album and liten to it alot when I am at the gym...


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