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Jason74 Wrote:My two favorite songwriters on the top of my head that I really like are:

Neil Young
James Taylor
I was hoping someone would mention both of these. Neil Young is an extraordinary man. Which period Young do you like best?
Heart of Gold - still one of my favourites

Rocking In The Free World - naive and simplistic as they come, but I'm a sucker for a good riff.

James Taylor wrote many songs that formed a kind of soundtrack to my teen years spent in folk clubs.
Sweet Baby James - beautiful melody, and he's still singing it.


Of course everyone knows The Streets of London, but I always liked When I Was A Cowboy too. "Always keep your hat screwed on real tight in case you get in a fight" - I've always tried to follow that advice.


About time for another Canadian Wink
Sisters of Mercy - I'd listen to this song over and over.


One of the few songwriters whose talent for song-writing I actually envy. I wish I had written some of his songs.
Your Mother And I - very moving. Strange introduction to this song. I'm pretty certain that when I first saw him perform this he had just bought a pair of brogues from Harrods!

Unrequited To The Nth Degree - I'd love to have been able to claim I wrote this one!

Hitting You - a devastating confessional song

Rufus Is a Tit Man - with a father like Loudon, it would be tempting to be gay just to spite him for writing this song!

I Wish I Was A Lesbian - no explanation needed!


JOAN BAEZ ~ Recently

I hope this one is allowed Marsh.

Dallas Green


Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:JOAN BAEZ ~ Recently

I hope this one is allowed Marsh.

Not only is it allowed but it is even recommended...Confusedmile: Was surprised to see it wasn't at all RECENT... (1987)

So we haven't yet got one of the great Bs here...


This is bending the rules a little! Maybe a Paul McCartney solo song could slip through, but this is still credited to The Beatles even if it could almost be a Paul solo ... oh all right then Wink

TimmyThink Wrote:Dallas Green
Eee! That is lovely. Never heard of him before. Thanks Xyxthumbs

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