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weird relationship with friend! Help! Need advice!
ok so i have become very good friends with this guy. I am pretty attracted to him. I don't know if hes gay, bi straight, or whatever. He doesnt know if i am either. He often calls me and wants me to come over and hang out like everyday, like its a big part of his life. He told me once "i really like you alot" (in my mind he just likes me as a friend). He also has me try on his clothes and he said my butt looked really good in his jeans. He had me turn around twice so he could see! lol. He doesnt really maintain eyecontact with me. He always looks away. Also, when my arm is touching his or something, he doesnt pull away. I bent down to pick something up and he said "oh yeah suck my dick! oh yeah that felt good" and he made the motion... I made a snotty comment to him and he said "shut that mouth or i'll put my dick in it!" and "are you ready to suck my dick yet!". I am usually oblivious to this kind of thing and i dont know if he is serious or not. He wants me to come over like all the time. Do you think the feeling of attraction i have for him is mutual? How should i act on it? We are very close friends and i wouldn't want to damage our relationship.

I think our answers are in another thread.

Yes, you two are both experiencing latent sexual desire repressed by social upbringing and conditioning... the joy of any bi-curious male.

In all seriousness, it seems rather obvious to me that there is at least some level of attraction there, although bearing in mind his feelings for you should be a major issue. If you do decide to fool around he may become attatched, love you, a potential boyfriend- are you ready to deal with those kind of circumstances?

If he is more easy-going and casual I would say you have less to worry about, however young love tends to be much more hurtful and emotionally involved. If you really feel like acting on it, go for it; you don't get many awesome chances like that in life where you can both have fun with it and not worry about everything else. Some people can deal with having a partner become a friend, or vice versa, but personally I don't think it works, so choose wisely. I think you need to decide what you want from him first before you make any decisions.

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