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30 Gay Psycho Tactics to Lure In More Love And Dates
Genersis Wrote:Occupation: Health and Relationship Coach for Gay Men Over 40
This worries me a little........:frown:

Nooooooooo...are you joking? Astrosmiley2 or does it really say that somewhere?

If you are joking that is funnyAstrosmiley2

" 30 Gay Psycho Tactics to Lure In More Love And Dates."

Does nobody care about ethics any more? I could never manipulate the emotions of another human being.

Staying true to yourself is the best way to win the heart, if they don't like you for who you are then they weren't a good date in the first place. Been waiting for a post like this, Thanks a bunch! Confusedmile:

My wife says I won her heart Just by serenading her when we were in grade school. Also by just being myself....whoever that was.


PaulAngelo Wrote:Its all about results. If you are in a relationship than stay who you are but if you are not in a relationship than you better pick up a book and learn. Eat up your pride and stop being a fag. Fags are single. Gay men are married.

I was really with you up to a point on this one, but when you word things like this you're pissing off a lot of people...

if you're in a steady realtionship does that make you more of a man? I've always hated the attitude that people who aren't seeing anyone are losers. Not to mention the idea that some people stay single specifically so they can keep getting laid and using these kind of techniques on people over and over. Praying on peoples insecurities in the name of happiness is one of the oldest and most acidic tactics; you might as well be selling snake oil.

Of course people want to be happy, and have someone in their life, and to be getting the sex they need. If it was as easy as reading a book and suddenly becoming magically empowered, there would be no need for this thread or forum. Honestly, I get it, and we're listening... but turn down the volume a little and don't insult your audience.

Sil Wrote:Praying on peoples insecurities in the name of happiness is one of the oldest and most acidic tactics; you might as well be selling snake oil.

This is exactly what I was going to say, the way you're targeting people and making them feel insecure is terrible, is this really how you market your techniques? I'm appalled.

conechvn Wrote:I don't care about what other people say. Just teach me more tricks please.

I have been myself, and nice with people for so long, always try to be sweet and care about other people feeling. But what I got? Nothing, still single and lonely.
I think Paul has the points, when you are not good enough, then you need to learn to improve yourself.

Well Con, if you're serious I guess you can go to his site.

I already told you what I think (Did I? I can't remember. >_>) but if you think that his techniques will help you then I won't stop you. Good luck~

Con, I doubt you only now see tip 3 as something you should do. :tongue:

Criticizing his music will get him to resent you and make him feel stupid. If you want a man to love you, keep this rule with you at all times – never criticize or judge your man, ever.

That would totally make my skin crawl if someone did that to me. I have had people do what he suggests and I couldn't get away from them fast enough. It is transparent and pathetic and sugegsts that you are needy and desperate.

If you use deception to get someone to love you...they don't really love you...they may love who you pretended to be...and you will be bitter...NOT happy....when they leave you....and they will. You can only keep up the charade for so long. If you really want to decieve someone into "loving you"...try using poligrip for lube and pretending you are a virgin to appeal to the control freak with a weak and fragile ego..you know the kind that expect your world to begin with their touch YIKESLaugh...yeah...that might work!Laugh (Pssst...don't forget to make alot of noiseWink)

...or...you can keep it real and be who you are and be true to yourself.

The stupid obvious thing that Paul is not saying here is that if you want to keep a relationship going, you've either got to be hand in hand with your partner, or you have to learn to compromise, which doesn't mean lowering yourself or stooping to get the upper hand... I don't know where he's getting this cheap psychological stuff from but it sounds very shallow to me... Compromising doesn't mean being hypocritical, which is what Paul is somehow suggesting.

eastofeden Wrote:Nooooooooo...are you joking? Astrosmiley2 or does it really say that somewhere?

If you are joking that is funnyAstrosmiley2
It says it on his profile.:frown:

I read the situation a bit like this at the moment:

1. He is being an ass about being single because this is how he gets people to pay for his help, Make them feel like they are losers without a boyfriend, and that they NEED his "Tactics".

2. He is trying to find ways of making guys fall for his clients no matter what, to at least simulate success. And whats the quickest way of finding out these methods? By asking other people, like...US.

Now i know thats a bit harsh, but thats the feeling i'm getting from this.
Hope i'm wrong.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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