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[Curious question] How does it feel to have sex with your identical twin brother?
My initial reaction was WOW, scandalous!! LMAO, just awesome!!! Who on this green, beautiful, and pristine earth, would dare, I mean, would dare think of such an incestuous practice. Lol, I can't contain my excitement. My aberrant mind lives for things like this!!! Ahh, the art of controversy is precisely what unconventional revolutions are made of!! This, question, starts it! I bet the responses are self-righteous drivel about what is right or wrong... lol. NICE!

Aaycle Wrote: Who on this green, beautiful, and pristine earth, would dare, I mean, would dare think of such an incestuous practice.

Answer: young, curious, horny teenage boys.

conechvn Wrote:After a while??? Lol, I thought little boy Tux is innocent =))

But I am! :tongue:

conechvn Wrote:my hand even got so tired =___=
Oh mai!

i just thought the thread was just a bit of fun when it got posted but now people sound like they agree with it - hello people....like juk says - its incest no matter how you paint it and totally ewwwww, why not just go the whole hog and throw in fathers, cats n dogs to have sex with and really freak me out - n i bet someone would find a morral stand to justify that lot too Smile

Mmm, what a topic... i think maybe if I had a twin I would be open to the idea... I dont see it as immoral.... you're just lending a helping hand :p or giving oral support? i dunno lol, but i'd do me... soo if i had a twin, that would be close enough, no?

conechvn Wrote:After a while??? Lol, I thought little boy Tux is innocent =))
I just have my first BelAmi experience today. They are all so much of my type Sad my hand even got so tired =___=

I've never been one for Bel Ami, but if you like those two brothers, check out Eurocreme's offerings =] =] =] =] but only after you give that hand a rest

conechvn Wrote:Answer: young, curious, horny teenage boys.

yup indeedy hehehe

and thanks to Nifty stories I have had many a thought as to how much fun it would be if I had a twin. I do have an older bro, but ewwww lol, he isn't my type

TuxSky Wrote:But I am! :tongue:

*cough* *cough* sure you are Wink lol

People with their morals and ethics, LMAO, they kill me! If it so pleases me matty7, I would have sex with an animal, my Father, and an apple pie. Is it not my unexplained choice, which requires no justification, to indulge. Besides, it is sexuality--a huge, complex, and dynamic emotion. Live and let live!!!

The original question was asked quite innocently, in my opinion, and did not have any moral or legal implications attached. Conechvn just asked what it would be like to make love to someone so like yourself as a twin. We can all have our own particular feelings about this. I'm neither condoning it, nor condemning it because ultimately, I think it's the twins' decision to cross or not cross the line. I could see why identical twins would cross the line maybe more easily than two siblings from different births. It's just what nature has dealt them is very special and not necessarily something we understand. The law would probably consider it illegal, if there were such a law, because of the strong taboo of incest, but since there can be no procreation from the (penetrative) act, this might well happen more often than we know. The fact that the Peters twins crossed the line in front of a camera adds that dimension to it that we also find in FEAR FACTOR taunts... think about it. And I'm thinking the videos are on free sale, so they obviously don't cross the legal line (at least in certain countries), like, for instance, child pornography or paedophilia, which are reprehensible by law.

I see and hear that some are very upset by the tone of this thread. They believe that some people acknowledge the fact that incest isn't a serious crime... and don't make the connection with the gay rights issue and the pro-incest thinking.

I'd like to think that none of us think incest is a possibility in real life. It may remain a fantasy for some, but so long as the law says it's illegal, it remains illegal. And we should heed that fact. Please make sure in your posts that you are not openly condoning any illegal behaviour, at least in your own country.

Curiosity is still allowed though, surely?

I think besides the personal ewwww factor (for me...JMO) there are alot of people who have been horribly haunted and damaged by sexual abuse within the family or if it hasn't happened to us personally we may know someone who has suffered and it is heartbreaking to think about. The idea of and acceptance of incest can be devastating to someone who has had a hard time coming to terms with it...had a hard time finding their voice.

So...while I am still not going to judge what other consenting adults do even if I don't like it I can understand why the idea of and acceptance of incest is a slap in the face to alot of people..maybe people who did not even respond because it is a horrible topic to approach. Just my two centsWink

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