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[Curious question] How does it feel to have sex with your identical twin brother?
Some how this idea stuck in my mind today. I know it 's weird and immoral but I am really curious how does it feel to have a hot gay sex with your identical twin brother?
Anyone can answer me Sad?

I always want a twin brother actuallySad it would be fun, I would never be lonely or have to find friends to fit in. Also, some time we can give each other blow job and hot stuff for free!

think im gonna agree with the immoral part on this one m8 Smile, u must have too much time on your hands if this is popping into your head

I wouldn't say this is immoral. Since no pregnancy can result I can see no harm in it if both brothers are gay.

Although I don't know what it feels like, if you want to see what it looks like then Bel Ami have a couple, identical twins, in their portfolio.

colinmackay Wrote:I wouldn't say this is immoral. Since no pregnancy can result I can see no harm in it if both brothers are gay.

Although I don't know what it feels like, if you want to see what it looks like then Bel Ami have a couple, identical twins, in their portfolio.

I see it the same way ... unusual ... perhaps a matter of taste ... but not immoral... as long as both know what they do...
Immoral It´s only between brother and sister because there is the danger of a pregnancy with a gene-defected child ...

juk Wrote:Not immoral????? Sorry but I disagree, its immoral because its incest - the fact that no pregnancy could result is not a valid reason for it being ok. By that token it would then be ok to have sex with your father as a pregnancy would not result? And also that would make it ok if you had sex with your sister if she were sterilised as no pregnancy could occur. On the moral issue I can see no way for this to be acceptable.

As a fantasy there is no harm, and looking deeper its more about having a fantasy about wanting to have sex with yourself.

maybe ... but it´s not my job to judge it. I don´t want to imagine it, for me the fantasy alone is disgusting .... but the question is not whether I would do it ...the question is would someone getting harmed - and only in this case : brother and brother ... and this I can´t see

It sounds like it's just a fantasy, and best to stay that way.

anyone with a brother will realise how weird this would be, in fact even as open-minded as I am it kinda grosses me out a bit. I've never seen why in porn or whatever it makes it hotter by insinuating that they're somehow related >.> horses for courses I guess.

It would be like regular sex only with massive moral implications and a lot of confusion, coupled with years of therapy. Really does sound better as a fantasy huh?

juk Wrote:I can kind of see your reasoning fen. I would imagine, however, there would be the potential for psychological harm in this situation.

If they are different age I would say very clearly Yes.... but if they are twins and the whole life together I would say a very clearly maybe *G and : in doubt for the defendant

it´s very hard to be fair, unprejudiced and not judging Confusedmile:

As an identical twin. May i say i find the concept with my brother....EWWWWW no no no no! Yuck!Pukeface

*Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts*
*Deep breath*

But i'm not too bothered if a pair of twins do decide to have sex.
Its up to them, and i have even seen it on the web before and it didn't bother me at all.
Hope none of this comes across wrong.:redface:

And trust me conechvn, its notthing special being a twin.
Much more a curse at time.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Having recently watched a video about two twins (not a porn movie, I'll add), it seems that identical twins are more likely to have that special relationship that will make them want to try something like that out together, as they might try out different other life experiences together. Their physical makeup is so close that they develop a sort of empathy that is strange to us. But then again, as Genersis will attest, they can develop mentally and psychologically in very different manners, leading the way to really different people.

Do identical twins always have that deep profound love for each other, or that need to find their other half when they have been separated in life (at birth, or otherwise)? For that matter, do identical twins necessarily wish to have sex with each other on the grounds that they are looking for that other half to feel "complete"? I'm pretty sure no two answers would be the same. It would take a scientific study to show similarities in behaviour and such aspects. But twins are probably as diverse as we all are in our behavioural and social makeup.

What we judge as immoral is a product of our education, and society. The greatest taboo is incest, it's well known. But then there is a reason for this taboo, which is that incestuous relationships degenerate the species in the long (or shorter) run.

Since two brothers or two sisters are unlikely to produce offspring, why the taboo? Wouldn't it be more than likely that two brothers or two sisters, especially really close ones, would attempt to see in their 'mirrored self' and learn from them some things about their own sexuality? In a way, I find it no stranger than two adolescents fooling about. If they should decide to do porn with each other, then there's another aspect of the coin, but it's basically a decision that should be made by adults. Some sites like to offer the idea that two men engaging in sex together are brothers (in fact they most probably aren't) because I suppose it's part of some people's fantasies to engage in sex with someone they find really close, such as a brother.

Again this should definitely be distinguished from any situation of rape, in which an elder brother might force a younger one (or the other way round (?)), or one of the twins would force his brother / sister to have sex with them just because they are stronger or have some power over them.

Rape is immoral, incest is immoral (it doesn't stop it happening, unfortunately) but is indulging in an experiment such as this immoral, if both are consenting? I really don't know.


I have seen these guys advertised in porno before and wondered how they came to terms with it...was it the money or is this something they liked to do for fun?

I am somewhere between juk and fenris on this...I make it a practice not to judge two or more consenting adult humans (leaving animals, children and force out of the picture) so to each their own but the idea of incest is a big ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww factor for me personally and I would not want to watch it or think about it really.

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