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Paradise Part One
© J. J. South 2010. All rights reserved.

‘Paradise’ Part One

Small waves swell and roll and froth to and fro over the rippled sand, their quiet
chorus joining in splendid harmony with gentle rustlings of palm fronds on the fitful
rushes of soft breezes. Occasional splashes of disturbed baitfish sound distantly,
fluttering the water’s surface with moon-speckled ripples. Farther out, lying to the
breeze, the yacht rides at anchor, bathed in the silvery sheen of the moon glow
shimmering across the surface of the lagoon. Sweet aromas of frangipanis and wild
orchids and poincianas and magnolias float on the breezes, such symphony of nature
reaching us thrashing and writhing in our wild, passionate embraces on the lustrous
talcum sand.

Bathed in the brilliant moon glow of the warm tropical night, our bodies
appear painted in monotones of silvers, grays, greens and black, of brilliant glosses
and intense contrasting shadows. Their patterns and tones change violently to the
chaos of our love moves, to the devouring, uncontrollable intoxications of our
passions. We clench in an orgy of fervent desires and ferocious overpowering
emotions. Our lips ram our faces, our tongues scrimmage in the ruckus of our
superheated ardor. Amid our wild scrambling gropes and parched deep breathing,
we squeeze our bodies brutally, clinching our torsos in breath-crushing bear hugs.
Amid our musky sweat and other rich aromas of our manliness, we entwine our legs
and arms in ecstatic responses to the chemistry of our love potions. We wrestle and
squirm in sublime torture in our attempts to reach, what I consider, the impossible:
Nirvana, that plinth of love, that unattainable Paradise of complete, everlasting
emotional fulfillment, that Eldorado of sublime, idyllic bliss. Our groins collide in
angry Nirvanic desire, our eyes blaze to the savagery of our fiery torment. Our bodies
madly lunge and crunch to the furor of the approaching pinnacle of our love, of
approaching sex, to the expectations of our super-heated excitement.

I tremble violently in my burning anticipation. My mind is consumed, boiling
in the blazing eroticism of our love. Emotions are overwhelmed in the tumultuous
whirlpools of wild chemicals and charging electricity. As if possible, I clench my lover
tighter, rolling and twisting in ever escalating spirals of explosive love. Cradling his
head, I scramble kisses over his lips and cheeks and chin and nose and forehead and
ears and neck in frantic outpourings of my rampant passions. We gasp between our
noisy, panting kisses, his frenzied legs flay mine, his wild arms roam my back, sharp
fingernails leaving trails marking his Utopian ecstasy. We batter our engorged cocks
into our bellies, sliding, rubbing and humping them in orgiastic delight. The
mounting pleasurable flushes, those exotic sensations, intensify in my cock as our
smoldering hot love rods touch. My brain jolts to the thrill of that unbelievable male
phenomenon, to that singularly exceptional male pleasure when the velvet soft flesh
of one hot quivering cock touches and rubs and lies against a similar rampant cock.

That distinct, beyond-blissful sensation is only surpassed by the sudden
surges that whip my body in furies of agitated excitement when I vice-grip both cocks
together. The feelings from these unique experiences send our sensory systems into
fireballs, cause us to buck our heads, wince our eyes and howl in wild ecstatic glee.
Oh god, I’m in heaven riding a cyclone of delicious, voluptuous emotions. I hold his
face in both hands as I smash a kiss to his lips and seek his tongue. He touches me;
he touches my super sensitive dick, grappling it in his hand, making me lurch,
making me hump as more unexpected divine pleasures course through me. I yelp to
the delights. His other hand engrosses my chest, roams over my tweaked nups, then
his lips covet them in his indulgent desires. When I open my eyes I see vague visions
of the moon overhead, filtered in a morass of kaleidoscopic colors. Silvered tones of
reds and greens and blues and yellows parade in front of my eyes.

I know I've been to the doorstep of nirvana before, been to the threshold of
absolute love. I’ve been close to that feeling of total fulfillment at times, but never as
close as I am with Rick at this moment on this beach, bathed in the romantic charm
of the moon’s silver glow. I can’t love him any more than I do yet my heart feels an
earnest desire to love him more; I can’t give more yet my body yearns to. He
consumes my life, my will and passion. I live with the constant thoughts of him in my
mind; he is like a god in my life, a god I constantly worship.

I want him in me. My mind is ruled by a demanding need to have our love and
bodies combine into the union of one. I need his love tool in me, need him making
glorious love to me, to feel bonded in the wonder of the union of sex, to have my love
tunnel filled with his supreme gift, to eventually feel his hot sperm spurt deep within
me. All night I've wanted him but now it’s a matter of urgent demand. I want to feel
the motions of his love contenting me, making me adequate, making me worthy of
his love, making me know he loves me, that our sexual coupling is the zenith of our
passions. I want him to take me to Nirvana.

My trembling hands fidget on his shoulders, my head again arches to the
starless night sky, my eyes filter the moon’s glare, as his tongue continues driving me
crazy. I face him, words forming in my parched throat.

“Rick, do it,” I croak, “now.” I demand.

It’s a simple request, frank and to the point; but it carries the meaning of my
burning, frustrated emotions. He responds. His eyes tell me. His nimble gentle hands
tell me. His passionate tongue and kisses tell me. He makes gentle, exquisite love to
me; I’m in heaven.

Chemicals boil in my brain. Electrical currents pulse my nerves. My heart
pumps chaotically as my head thumps to the raging energies circuiting my body’s
systems. I become a demented, love charged, hormonally haywire basket case.
Goosebumps ripple my flesh in erotic tingling reaction to the effects the tip of his
roaming tongue and lips have on me as they wind their way along the defines of my
acutely sensitive belly and groin. His tongue courses beside my fiery red love pole
lying flat against my abdomen, then meanders its scintillating way to torture my
scrotum. He licks my balls, sending new floods of spasms through my over-heated

He sucks one ball into his mouth, playing his tongue over and around the sac.
Tremors of sheer delight cascade through my groin as he twirls the ball in his mouth.
Then he licks the other ball and sucks it into his mouth, causing more quivers to my
body as his tongue discovers more highly sensitive membranes. Without warning, he
devours my scrotum. He squeezes and suctions my bloated ball sac in a cushion of
saliva in his hot mouth, teasing both balls with his tongue while his nose nuzzles the
prominent urethra of my steel hard dick. I gulp and shiver.

“Ooohhh Rick,” I groan. His saliva-slicked tongue feels like the faintest
caresses of duck down feathering the contours of my sensitive sac.

“Rick,” I yell amid the loud mutterings of animal grunts. He’s causing a storm
of hot rushes of exquisite ecstasy in my groin. My legs scissor-grip his body,
trembling hands violently clench and slap the blanket while my arched head tosses
wildly in a rapturous, sweaty state of bliss.

His nose slides lightly along my twitching love pole. Then his tongue reaches
and darts over the base of the shaft, his delicate touch further inflaming the furnace
blazing my nerves. In quick reflex, my dick jerks wildly into his face, splattering
precum into his hair. It slams back against my groin, flicking precum onto my belly
that glosses in the moonlight. His tongue slides along the full length of my semen
tract. Its tip reaches and skims sensuously around the almost unbearably sensitive
underside of the glans causing hysteria to my senses. Black spots appear before my
eyes. He’s tormenting me into unconsciousness as he licks my over-bloated cock

Kneeling over me, he uses his bottom lip and chin to steady my vibrating shaft
as he stretches his tongue around my head, smearing precum and saliva over it,
super sensitizing it in the smooth lubricating ambrosial liqueur. Then he licks my
shaft again and again, starting at the base and ending at the knob. Each time he
tickles the knob his tongue picks up a string of the ambrosia which he stretches to the
base, letting the cum line fall and slick my shaft. He repeatedly licks my pole like an
all-day sucker. He licks the sides, alternating from one to the other, licking the head
each stroke, causing precum to puddle in my navel, glimmering silver under the
moon. Every time he licks he picks up a strand of precum on his tongue and stretches
it to my pubes. It looks funny and odd. My dick feels ready to explode. It feels sore
from the prolonged love games and highly pressurized blood. I can’t believe it; it feels
over extended, super swollen, stiff for too long. It needs relief, but I don’t want to
cum, not yet.

“Rick,” I croak. I clear my throat. “Rick,” I repeat, my plea more convincing,
mussing his hair with trembling hand. “Please, Rick, please,” grappling his arms and
pulling him to me. “No more, please no more. I can’t take it, my beautiful man,”
whispering hoarsely into his ear. “Rick. Please. Now, baby,” I beg him.

I hope you enjoyed reading ‘Paradise’ Part One. I'll post Part Two within a few days.

I welcome you to leave comments. See my profile for contact address.


Justin South

Ooooh, we have an author of gay erotic fiction among us... Should this be allowed? lol :tongue:

[COLOR="Magenta"]hey, this is an excellent piece of poetry
imagery, metaphors and superb vocabulary
i particulary enjoyed the erotic bits
[/COLOR] :tongue:

"We batter our engorged cocks into our bellies,
sliding, rubbing and humping them in orgiastic delight"
"our smoldering hot love rods touch"
"the velvet soft flesh of one hot quivering cock
touches and rubs and lies against a similar rampant cock"
"he touches my super sensitive dick, grappling it in his hand"
"I want him in me…I need his love tool in me"
"to have my love tunnel filled with his supreme gift,
to eventually feel his hot sperm spurt deep within me"
"that our sexual coupling is the zenith of our passions"

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