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New to Forum
I just posted this to the wrong thread, sorry, but I am very new to forums, this is my first.:eek:

RemybussiI am in Blowing Rock, NC, just outside of Boone, NC, where I go to school for Small Electronics.

This town is sooo small and nobody knows I'm gay, so I am looking for an online place to chat and make friends.

One day I will be out of this place and be able to be myself, but for now I want to make friends online.

I read some posts that were all about hooking up, but I am just now getting to where I am ready to even talk about this online. So, please no aggressive people. I just want to get comfortable with the online community for now.

I plan to move in a year or two, hopefully to Providence or Miami.

I am a fun 21 year old guy and fairly outgoing, but still in the closet.

welcome Boone Docks I am new here too tho I have been out for some time. If it is friends you are looking for I think you have come to the right place feel free to say hi

welcome to the forums Big Grin

Hi and welcome to GS.

You will find many friendly people here.

Hi and Welcome :-)


You joined for pretty much the same reason I joined. And don't worry! No one here is aggressive, we're kinda all in the same boat, right? And I'm sure you'll become comfortable on here pretty soon.

Enjoy your stay!

Hello Boone Docks and Welcome to GaySpeak. You'll find what you are looking for here although being American, don't expect this site to be too busy at certain times of the day, or night. We are in two different time zones, really, even though there are contributors from all over the world here. Feel free to ask any questions about yourself, about us... I don't think we're an aggressive bunch.

Welcome Boone Docks! I think this is a good place to have some interesting or supportive conversations. And being located where you currently are that will probably be just what you need.

Hi BooneDocks

I think i will reframe from saying we are not aggressive, as it has been said already....so i will say this instead:
I think we are a rather huggable bunch if i do say so myself.:biggrin:

Enjoy your stay!Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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