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Difficult Friends
Yesterday I introduced a guy and girlfriend. At first it was okay, but after awhile she started dominating the conversation and he went right along with it. After this went on for awhile, i started getting really upset and sad. Shes unemployed and has all the time in the world to think about the negativies of the world and all the problems .. but i only have 2 days a week in which to spend to unwind and be merry with my friends... and i can't deal with all of that.

Do I need to drop this friend or avoid introducing her to my other friends? I think because i care about her, i let her walk all over me and do whatever she wants without being confrontational. I said this to them, and he was like okay i understand.. but she was like 'i can't psychoanalyze your moods or why you're feeling this way'

We went to a bar after and my emotions were just really aweful. I left, and they stayed together.. Am I being immature here? I can take your comments! thanks

She is a woman, a strange animal with many mood swings in a day and every day. Is she trying to hit on your friend or just like to on centre stage all the time?

I think that, if I got you right, she is being extremely selfish and that you should stay away from her. Such people tend to mess everything is your life in no time...

I really appreciate your guys feedback. I know that I can be sensitive about things, and it's nice to get some other sorely perspectives Smile

well the guy friend is gay, so no she wasn't hitting on him, but she does have the alpha woman mindset where she's right and if you don't pander to her then it's like your against her.

my friend actually texted me today and said after I left that she talked to an acquaintance that he introed to her and they talked for an hour. so I was happy that maybe he understood q little better about her.

how are you guys so wise about the ladiesSmile

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