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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
Didn't I already put up, More More More???? lol.... Good selection, East, thanks for your contributions, once more....

Yeah...you are right about Andrea True PA!:biggrin: I had actually posted a personal story with the song but I edited it...will tell you in private.

I literally have over 3,000 Disco 12" singles so this thread can go on forver. Here are a few other favorites........I thought of these last time but I had done alot so I waited...I LOVE Johnny Mathis's voice......

Johnny Mathis...Gone, Gone, Gone

Carol Douglas....Midnight Love Affair

Bionic Boogie...Risky Changes

Space...My Love is Music (Just a blank screen but a GREAT song):biggrin:

Madleen Kane...Rough Diamond


PA...I have some of my old playlists from the 80s...in order to get the promos you had to keep a playlist and turn them in so they could chart the stuff...and this was one of my favorite sets for a LONG time because it used to pack the floor....I wish I could mix them because I had some great mixes....

Loverboy...Working For The Weekend

Go Gos...We Got The Beat

Rod Stewart...Young Turks

Linda Ronstadt...How Do I Make You

Stevie Wonder...Do I Do

and yeah...I even used Donna Summer in this mix to slow it down and take it in a new direction but ONLY cuz I couldnt' avoid it and it mixed really good with the 12" version of Stevie Wonder that I used :biggrin:...

Donna Summer...State of Independence ( I actually do love this song despite Donna)

...and then I played Angela Clemmons (Give Me Just a Little More Time) but I already posted that above...then on to...ZZ Top:biggrin:.....Legs...some of this is obviously not strict disco but it is really good dance rock and it worked well in the discos. I had a great version of this song but I can't find it on YouTube.


I have had East's permission to put this Britney song in this thread because, oh well, one of the marines dancing in here has the most beautiful pleasure trail... lol


PA....that video is a-a-a-mazing Big Grin THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Big Grin

LOVE IT PA!:biggrin:

I just realized I could add to this thread for years...5 nights a week for 20 years...six hours a night...and then when I went to clubs dancing...I heard ALOT of disco:biggrin:

A couple from the 90s that I loved...

Mighty Dub Katz...Magic Carpet Ride

Ace of Base...Beautiful Life

Nikki French...Total Eclipse of the Heart


Thanks a lot, East, for your contributions, which I enjoy... Keep posting. This is not only melancholy and retro it's is also educational (ftw! ):biggrin:.

I also loved State of Independence....

Thank YOU for starting the thead in the first place and all the great stuff you posted. It has been fun for meConfusedmile:

East Wrote:Thank YOU for starting the thead in the first place and all the great stuff you posted. It has been fun for meConfusedmile:

So glad you decided to make a come back, then... hehehe. We can laugh about it now, can't we? Wink

Well, I thought, after four weeks of toiling over houses that need clearing out, that it would be nice for the gorgeously semi naked Adam Levine from Maroon 5 to come and grace our disco thread with his


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