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sickk. i longboard too.

Cooking, running (with friends only, otherwise I'm lazy), photography, video games, reading and watching movies.

I am strange i just started on the net i collect movies and swim in summer ride horses and collect friends all over the world

I like to hang out with friends, go to the Cinema, go out drinking one day a week (usually a Saturday night)...stuff like that really.

I like going to the cinema, watching movies, reading about celebs, acting, sleeping (Yeh I know it's not a hobby), shopping, and some other stuff.

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Mr. Lonely Wrote:I am strange i ... collect friends all over the world
Interesting. How do you display them? Rolleyes

So many photographers cropping up ^_^

I play guitar, draw comics (badly), photography, workouts, keep tropical fishies, cookery, comics, illicit substances, and videogames... I used to go out clubbing on the metal scene when I was younger, loved it... Outdoor stuff has to work hard to compete! lookin' forward to some pictures up...

My cars,being with my friends and including spending time with my dog Sylvester whom is a very spoiled rotten 3 year old black lab.Working on building a custom built motorcycle with help of my stepfather who has done this.Go to the bar once in a while,have a desinated driver on hand.I have a DUI on my record and learned my lesson.Cost me money when this happened

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