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Gay TV characters!
mine would be the one who said, "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, cause we gon' find you"...i forgot his name but damn, i do like him....

Jack from Will and Grace. It must take so much work to have that kind of timing. In real life Sean is also a producer/Director and quite a good one too according to "The Hollywood Reporter"

Justin and Austin from Ugly Betty.. :]

I still like David and Michael from Six Feet Under and Lafayette from True Blood but lately as I just watched Season Six of DH I love Andrew Van De Kamp (Bree's son) and also Mohammed on Nurse Jackie...he cracks me up...


I have three, all from the same show (Desperate Housewives)
1. Andrew Van de Kamp
2. Lee McDermott
3. Bob Hunter

All three are openly gay characters. Andrew was perhaps a bit more dysfunctional in the first few seasons but has rounded out a bit better. The best thing about him though was that he never saw being gay as a handicap. It was actually a very minor part of who he was.

Bob and Lee are just awesome :biggrin:

I dont like any they are all made very patronising

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